Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exciting with new holiday plan

I had a small reunion with my ex-school mates from LR last night. One from Philipinnes together with his fiancee, they are now working and staying in Singapore, plan to get married next year back in Philipinnes. One is from Indonesia, but her hubby is working and staying in Singapore. She comes and goes from Indo to Sg at least once a month and has a plan to stay here long term. And another one is Singaporean friend who I meet more often down here. So for the rest two, I hadn't met up with them for almost ten years.
Veny doesn't change so much except looks more mature. Ann looks more professional and more like career woman, but all of us are still very young at hearts.. Hahaha... As for Victor, three of us were quite surprise to see his physical changes. He used to be chubby and plump guy, but now he is much slimmer and it made him look taller. According to him, he started to lose weight last December only. So in about 10 months time, he managed to cut his fats and also his smoking habit. Thanks to the bet he made with his current fiancee ;)

After posting our picture to fb, my Taiwanese friend wrote a comment asking when will we be there for reunion. Hehehehe... 2 days after that, I bought the tickets online. Just nice, my friend also wants to go there. Initially there was another friend who is interested to go, but since the time will be clashed with CNY reunion and she has to be there with her husband's family, she then can't make it. So it's just me and my friend. I plan to have a relaxing holiday there. Not really concentrate on sightseeing. More like eating, drinking, walk a bit, gathering, if possible have a bath in hot spring. Weather will be cool when I'm there. Yay!! So exciting!

The last time I went there was 21 years ago. Wow... How time flies.. Time to catch up with the current Taiwan. Also have intention to go to Doraemon store. Hope I can find one. Hiehehehehe.... :D

Everytime I passed by escalator and MRT at Chinatown, I always see the visit Taiwan advertisement. In months to come, I will go there and experience it myself!! Yihaaa!!!!

Hope everything goes on smoothly.. Wish me luck ok? Have a great week ahead!!!

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