Saturday, October 02, 2010

Relaxing dinner on weekend

Yesterday was closing day. In the morning, system was down and it was back to normal only after 10am. Only then I could generate my report. But that's not the end because someone came in bringing the transfer form, so I divided the work with my colleague to transfer some cost. After that, need the Chef to take a look into it. Waited for him to come down for about half an hour, so I did other things for closing. When he came, he did some internal transfer thing. Once I'd done with it, then realized that what he did was not enough. So needed to wait another person to come down and did another internal transfer. By the time I finished with the cost report, it's already 12.35pm. Time to have my lunch. I had a quick one, then continued with my closing. Kept working 'til 4.30pm, managed to work out with most of the journal and import it to the system. So I had a little break. Drinking vitamin C to boost up my vitality and rest for 5 minutes. Then, continued with the last and biggest journal. In the middle of it, then realized that I need to do additional work for the transfer of general items that someone just started doing that last month. So I needed to get more info on where the cost was parked and where the cost supposed to be charged to. Haiz... what a waste of time. Have told my complain to Chef's secretary. Wanted to say directly to the Chef but he wasn't around. He took half day off. Haiz.....
So I went on with that journal until 7.15pm. My friend has come to my place and I had to ignore her for instance so that I could finish my journal faster. When the numbers were all in balance, I didn't take second check on my work, just submit it to the system. Kekeke... Will see how was my posting, whether I made any error or not, and know about it next Monday when doing the reconciliation. Hopefully I didn't make any mistake lah ya.. hahahhaa....
Still another half job to do, but I could only do it next Monday once my journal has been posted to the system. So I don't want to think too much now. Just do what I have to do in present time.
After finishing my journal, it's time for relaxing!!! Yesterday was also Ellen's last day for her temp job and she was free to have dinner with us. That's why we met up for this dinner!!!

We headed to Hard Rock Cafe at Sentosa. My friend, PY, had waited for us since 7.30pm. We reached there about 8.25pm. Pu hao i se lor.... Then another friend had been hungry. So sorry gals!!! She immediately ordered food and we ordered our drinks. Then... it's makan time!!!


PY and Ellen

After makan, we tried 2 shot glass of cocktail, share share. One is B-52, consists of Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier. Another one, forget the name, also forget the ingredients. Kekeke... But there was absolut vodka, triple sec bols on it.


We also ordered one dessert. I thought it was brownies with ice cream, but it was ice cream with lots of cream on top and chocolate fudge below. Eating half way, I was thinking of adding the B-52 into it. My friend also thought of it. So we added the liquor in. Taste not bad, but Ellen couldn't eat it...

There was live band at 9.30pm.We ate there until 11pm, then went back home. Feel better as I didn't to think about the work.. hehehe... There were so many people having birthday on that day. The band sang birthday song for 3 times and there were lots of people having birthday. 10, maybe?

Well.. it's October now. It's busy month. Full of activities ahead. Same with me. Just hope we're blessed with good health all the way... which is... impossible, rite? Kekeke.... Anyway... today is Saturday!! Just lazy around and take more rest for today and tomorrow there are few things to do... Well.. enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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