Saturday, November 27, 2010

Encouragement token from a lovely hubby

This morning we fetched xiaoR to his Chinese class. While waiting, bigR and I went to Popular bookshop. We browsed around and suddenly we looked at the rack for writing instruments and our eyes were pointing at this Parker pen. The colour is turquise and quite enticing. Then we looked at the pair set, but different colour. The colour is quite nice too. My hubby asked me to buy and he would pay for it as token for encouragement that I'll be going back for school. Hehehee.... So we asked the staff to open the drawer and I tried the pen. Found out that the single pen and the set are having slightly different design and I prefer the design for the set. Got 2 pens in it. Roller pen will be used for my study and the other one would be for my work :)

It's his first time buying such an expensive pen but he's still gladly buy it for me :) Thank you Laogong! Love u. Muach....

I also bought this encouragement book from Kinokuniya about two weeks ago... Haven't finished reading it yet, but it's really good. It quotes many people's encouraging words and also got so many examples based on other people's experiences.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday morning xiao R and I woke up at 5.30am. We took a bath, had our breakfast at coffee shop then took a cab to East Coast Lagoon Food Centre. Reached there quite early and we waited for other colleagues to reach. We took pics of sand castle and sunrise.

We met up near Milo van and did warming up to loosen up our muscles. It was raining the day before and left the grasses so wet and muddy. Our shoes were covered with muddy from warming up exercise.

Bao Bei and I before start

My little fat boy didn't even move during the warming up exercise. Didn't even expect him to run for the whole journey. He only ran for first one minute? Then walked all the way with his sulking face. Kekekeke... Still can imagine his round face with short hair and spectacles, wearing a little to big and a little too long shirt, which made his leg looking much shorter. He couldn't smile during the whole journey except from keeping quiet and complaining of the long journey and he was tired. Kekekeke....

We walked all the way. Almost reaching the half way of the journey, we cut short the road, walked back and finally reached the finish line. I don't know is it my imagination, but it seems some people also did the way we did. Cut short some road and walked all the way. Kekekkee....

At least I have spent precious time with my baobei. Tried to be patient with him. Although we're slow, at least we managed to finish our journey. Love you baobei. Seems you really gained lots of weigh. My boss and colleagues were surprised to see him growing much fatter.... Kekekeke...

xiaoR, me and my 2 colleagues

After the 'walk' for hope, baobei and I joined my friends for a while then we tried to find our way back home. At first I planned to stay and spend more time there, but I forgot my son got Kumon. If I remembered, I would have changed his class to another day earlier... So we had no choice but went back home.

Reached home, both of us quickly took a shower and went to his class. While waiting, I had my hair cut. It's much shorter and it's straight. Remember my dad ever said, straight hair people is more honest doing their work. Kekekeke.... Just to assure I'm doing more honest way in work ba! Kind of motivation. Hahahaha....

Well... Seems like time is never enough. Haven't read much of my new book. Seems so interesting. Will enjoy it slowly ba!!!

Going back to Monday morning activity and time to work now! Have a great week ahead!!

Additional info: Three days later, I found out that xiaoR and I actually had walked for run for 10 km instead of 4 km. Kekekeke... No wonder he was so tired and not happy all the way.... ;P






Got this message from my colleague. To remind ourselves to cherish what we have and to lead a happy life. Easy to say but not easy to do sometimes. Don't you think so?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Since that night I finally 'xiang tong le'. I needed time to find out what was going on. Although no explanation given, I can accept what is required and I will just live with it. That's even better. Without that support, I won't be able to make it come true.

Yesterday I went to Bugis and prayed at Kwan Im Temple during lunch time. I was actually asking for something else, but the advise given was right to the point on what I encountered recently. If only I asked earlier, I'd have face it better and not in silly manner.

Thank you for the advise and warning. Although it's not a good sign, at least I get myself prepared.

As for what I was asking, I think it should be alright. Hahahahaa..... *my assumption ;P

Since I had decided to continue my study, I will put my full effort on it. Hope everything will go smoothly as you know life is full of ups and downs.

This month passes quite fast since there was a long weekend and public holiday in the middle of the week. One more week then I need to do stock take and closing all over again... Wow...

My mum and sisters are now in Sydney enjoying their reunion and short break, and of course, the food. Hehehe... Great that all of you enjoy your time!

I'm exciting with my holiday plan next Feb too! My friend has helped me booking the rooms. Ticket has been purchased. I need to prepare some money to spend. Hahahahaha.... Plan to go to Doraemon shop over there.. Eat any kind of nice food and snacks they have. Seeing all the interesting places that they have and of course meeting my khakis at their hometowns. Hahahhaa...

Have checked with them the alcohol and cigs allowed to bring over there. We're going to have a good and enjoyable time!!!

Wakie wakie!!! Still 3 more months to go!!! Hahahahahhaa..... Save more money ba!!! Well.. Hope all of you have a great time as well!!! Travelling is my breath.....

Oh ya! Yesterday 2R and I celebrated small R of going to P3C. My expectation towards my son is not that high. As long he is aware what he is doing, know his limitation, and of course he has put in his effort on it, and lead a happy life, I'm more than happy. We had dinner at Aston in Suntec. The premium ribeye x-tra cut was not bad. Price was reasonable too. Only that waiting time for food to be served was quite long. Anyway, we had a great time and today is Friday!!! Small R and I are going for Run For Hope this Sunday. 4.2km run. Jia you ba!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jia you!!!

Today I made a first move... enroll for ACCA class for next year. I've had this thinking of continuing study since 2 weeks ago ba! I asked my colleague to pass me the brochure and had been with me for the past 1 week. Finally I handed in the brochure and paid the course fee for 1 paper. Start with one first. I need a confident to start again. The flame that had been off since two years ago.

I had this courage to upgrade myself. I don't want myself stuck down there, living in cubicle for the rest of my life. I mean... I also don't expect to go up so soon, but I need the knowledge to understand the whole thing, how it is actually going on. So far, my knowledge is quite limited and it's based on my own logical thinking rather than theory.

I choose P7, finance reporting, rather than P9. I was stuck in P9 for 2 terms and that's what stopped me. So I think I need to change direction, going to P7 first, and slowly to the rest. Out of P9 at the moment, although it's closer to my job now.

I'm not aiming high, but I just don't want to be stuck. That's it! I believe in long life learning, but dunno if my brain can still work. Haiz....

Really need a lot of encouragement and motivation to go through this. Quite happy that some friends are supporting my decision, but of course, the rest is up to me.

Well, first step is done. The rest.. is really up to me. Wish me luck ba!!!

Btw, today I really twisted my mind. Suddenly I've a new goal to pursue, to concentrate on. Rather than wasting my time thinking of other stupid things. Kekeke....

I told myself before this. If I'm going to enroll this class, I will indulge myself buying any stationery I really want, no matter how expensive it is. Well.. easy to say.. Hahaha.... I prefer to buy things I need rather than I want. So, see if I can purchase what I want rather than what I need. Hahahahaha.....

This evening, I managed to buy a working bag from Charles & Keith. My hubby paid it for me. It's his first time buying me bag. Hahaha.... He is very proud of it. :D Thank you laogong! But I told him, the bag is too formal. Sometimes I feel, I'm not into it. It's too classy or too professional, not really suitable for me who is more relaxed type and anyhow wear one. Hahaha... I even told him, I planned to buy that bag only if I was promoted to higher level because at the moment, my style is more relaxed one... Hahahaha.... Haiya.. don't bother so much la.. just use it and that's it.. rite?

I'm a bit bored with my hair style. Any suggestion on what should I do with my hair?? I don't want it short because I'll look fatter. I don't wanna my hair too flat too.. But I also don't like fringe. Haiya... maybe I'm just going to trim it ba??? But if you do have suggestion on my hair, really appreciate to msg me. Hahahhaa...

Ok lah.. it's late now. I'm going to sleep soon. Tomorrow is holiday. Yihaaa!!! We'll have curry chicken again tomorrow night, cooked by my hubby's cousin's wife. Jialat ah... when to diet????

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It is really not easy to change one's thinking. People know what is right and what is wrong but somehow it's very difficult to refrain their thinking of not doing the wrong thing. Especially in feeling and emotional state. There is no right or wrong in it. People just do anything they think will make them happy, with consequences to be thought later on.
When the feeling was sunk deep inside, it's very hard to make it floating and roar up again. It really requires time and effort to make it up. It will be harder if the substance is in closed proximity rather than faraway one.
For those who never experience the feeling, they thought it will be as easy as snip their finger to make someone's thinking to change to right one. In a second the mind can change for the better. Well, not that easy ba!

It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone,
a day to love someone,
but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Well, wish you all the best and good luck! Hope the moment of changing ur mind will be successful soon and lead a right way in your life! Jia you ba!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friendship is based on QUALITY and not QUANTITY

I love that sentence and I need to remind myself for that.

Few days ago I confided to my good friend about what I felt. I told her that lots of people were leaving this place. Some are going to leave. So I felt a bit sad, 'cos there will be less people that I can befriend with.

Then she told me the above sentence. I thought over that sentence and she was right! Most people I know here, our relations are just colleagues. Only few were friends. There was even someone who treated me like her spare tyre. Means.. when her group of people were not around, she would book me for lunch. Think about it wanna make myself laugh.
I'm fine with it as I'm more like lone ranger here. I don't mix in a group and prefer myself to mix and match and available anytime with anyone, for lunch, of course. And I love walking to anywhere I like after lunch, alone. Means I can decide where I should go, depending on mood and weather, and available time that I have.

There were people who are good to you when they need something from you, or need your help. But while he has nothing, he will treat you as transparent.

Some will act so poor (ke lian) as to attract people's attention.

Hehehe... That's the fun things from human being. Observe more and you can find much more.

At the end, I know who my real friends are. Those that I can communicate with, share my secret with without telling out to outsiders, someone that I can trust, and really, it's based on QUALITY :)
Thank you for the friendship that we share and I really appreciate to find that person in this life. I know nothing lasts forever, but I will treasure this friendship and cherish it.

Those who are just passer-by... We are just colleagues. The way you treated me, will be the way I treat you back :P

Nothing to be sad of.

Well it's Friday again!! My mom and eldest sister will fly tonight to visit my sis and family in Melbourne. Hope everything goes on smoothly and they can arrive there safely and they can enjoy their reunion there. I pass this visit as I don't have enough leave for this year. Enjoy your trip and share that happy moments with everybody else :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Bye

Today is the last day working here for my colleague. These past few months many people moved to other establishments. Slowly my colleague left this place one by one. Haiz.... Either this place is not good enough or other place offers a much better advancement for them in term of career and money. I know that it's parts of puzzles of life that everyone has to go through.. But still there is a feeling of losing some friendship that ever built here.

Anyway.. Wish her all the best for her future endeavor and hope she likes her new working place. Good Bye Juliet!! See you again!!!
Do you realise how fragile a relationship is? Just few uncommon thinking, it can just break and disappear.
I used to wonder to see some people didn't get into marriage when they have reached 40s. I asked them before. Common answer would be.. They haven't found the suitable one. And yet, I realised why they couldn't find a suitable one, because the other party had the same thinking! What kind of rubbish am I talking about?? Hahaha....
Nolah.. For a guy not to get married, can be caused by many reasons. But every person has their own reasons. Some is because of family commitment, not earning enough money to build his own family. That was common. Some is enjoying his freedom of not getting married. No commitment means no burden, means more freedom, means they can have few girlfriends at the same time to play around with. They can spend their money for cigarettes and beers everyday, better than pass the money to future wife every month. Hehehe... I understand that this type of man exist in this universe.
Not get the suitable one is just an excuse.
Go back to the first sentence. Feel lucky that I have an understanding husband, also loving me so much. Just realised that he didn't meet many girls before me, so.. He doesn't experience enough facing the girls before. It can be a good sign 'cos he won't compare if I'm better or worse than previous one though.. Hahahaa...
Anyway... Going back to work now :P have a great day!!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Long weekend is going to over soon. It feels very good... 3 off-day in a row without a need to take any leave. Hehehehe....
Saturday is a coffee shop day. For a day, we went to coffee shop for 3 times and ordered coffee, tea, milo, and chit chatting w/ my hubby. At the same time, waiting my son watching Megamind movie to over.
Weather was not bad.. Cooling, not so hot for these past few days.

Yesterday we went to JB again w/ my hubby's cousin. We had bakuteh there for lunch. Then went to Big Jusco - dunno where the area is... and at first I wanted to have Thai massage, but it was so... full and next available appointment would be at 9.15pm, while I was there at about 3.30pm. Kekeke... so I couldn't make it. Hope next week I can have one. We're going to go there again, and we'll stay over night. Kinda funny because it's so near yet we'd stay overnight. Kekekeke....

We had lots of other snacks while we were there. ABC Ice Kachang special (w/ strawberry ice cream), Papa Roti bread, deep-fried sotong, deep-fried Japanese potato, sausages, etc. I managed to buy one working cloth.

Then we moved to another Jusco at Permas Jaya. We just walked around and bought no seed guava back home plus plum powder. On the way home, we had dinner at Pekin Restaurant. We found out that yesterday was my hubby's cousin's 39th years old birthday. Hehehe... Knowing him for quite some time and yesterday was my first time having a chance to celebrate his birthday together. We ate kong ba pao w/ sam chan rou, deep-fried salad prawn, pai ku wang, and tofu w/ mushroom and seafood. After that we had birthday cake as a dessert. Hehehe...

We went back home after that. And today we went to his house to have lunch there. His wife cooked vegetable curry for us plus chicken nuggets. We ate quite a lot.
Then went to Tampines One, ate Shanghai Jian Bao, 2 pcs per person. At 6pm, we ate again our dinner. This time, I order bibimbap at Food Junction, not so nice. Haiz... Maybe after my Taiwan trip, my next trip would be Korean trip ba.. hahahahaha.... so that I could have a chance to eat Korean food everyday... nyummy..... :P

We went back home and my mother-in-law cooked chicken soup. We reheated the soup and had a bowl. Nyummy and healthy!!! I cut the guava I bought yesterday and ate it as well.. Waliaooo... I'm surely getting fatter!!!!

Oklah.. this long weekend is really full of makan session. Must control a bit lah ha!!! Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend as well... Night!!!
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