Saturday, November 27, 2010

Encouragement token from a lovely hubby

This morning we fetched xiaoR to his Chinese class. While waiting, bigR and I went to Popular bookshop. We browsed around and suddenly we looked at the rack for writing instruments and our eyes were pointing at this Parker pen. The colour is turquise and quite enticing. Then we looked at the pair set, but different colour. The colour is quite nice too. My hubby asked me to buy and he would pay for it as token for encouragement that I'll be going back for school. Hehehee.... So we asked the staff to open the drawer and I tried the pen. Found out that the single pen and the set are having slightly different design and I prefer the design for the set. Got 2 pens in it. Roller pen will be used for my study and the other one would be for my work :)

It's his first time buying such an expensive pen but he's still gladly buy it for me :) Thank you Laogong! Love u. Muach....

I also bought this encouragement book from Kinokuniya about two weeks ago... Haven't finished reading it yet, but it's really good. It quotes many people's encouraging words and also got so many examples based on other people's experiences.

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