Friday, November 12, 2010

Friendship is based on QUALITY and not QUANTITY

I love that sentence and I need to remind myself for that.

Few days ago I confided to my good friend about what I felt. I told her that lots of people were leaving this place. Some are going to leave. So I felt a bit sad, 'cos there will be less people that I can befriend with.

Then she told me the above sentence. I thought over that sentence and she was right! Most people I know here, our relations are just colleagues. Only few were friends. There was even someone who treated me like her spare tyre. Means.. when her group of people were not around, she would book me for lunch. Think about it wanna make myself laugh.
I'm fine with it as I'm more like lone ranger here. I don't mix in a group and prefer myself to mix and match and available anytime with anyone, for lunch, of course. And I love walking to anywhere I like after lunch, alone. Means I can decide where I should go, depending on mood and weather, and available time that I have.

There were people who are good to you when they need something from you, or need your help. But while he has nothing, he will treat you as transparent.

Some will act so poor (ke lian) as to attract people's attention.

Hehehe... That's the fun things from human being. Observe more and you can find much more.

At the end, I know who my real friends are. Those that I can communicate with, share my secret with without telling out to outsiders, someone that I can trust, and really, it's based on QUALITY :)
Thank you for the friendship that we share and I really appreciate to find that person in this life. I know nothing lasts forever, but I will treasure this friendship and cherish it.

Those who are just passer-by... We are just colleagues. The way you treated me, will be the way I treat you back :P

Nothing to be sad of.

Well it's Friday again!! My mom and eldest sister will fly tonight to visit my sis and family in Melbourne. Hope everything goes on smoothly and they can arrive there safely and they can enjoy their reunion there. I pass this visit as I don't have enough leave for this year. Enjoy your trip and share that happy moments with everybody else :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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