Friday, November 19, 2010

Since that night I finally 'xiang tong le'. I needed time to find out what was going on. Although no explanation given, I can accept what is required and I will just live with it. That's even better. Without that support, I won't be able to make it come true.

Yesterday I went to Bugis and prayed at Kwan Im Temple during lunch time. I was actually asking for something else, but the advise given was right to the point on what I encountered recently. If only I asked earlier, I'd have face it better and not in silly manner.

Thank you for the advise and warning. Although it's not a good sign, at least I get myself prepared.

As for what I was asking, I think it should be alright. Hahahahaa..... *my assumption ;P

Since I had decided to continue my study, I will put my full effort on it. Hope everything will go smoothly as you know life is full of ups and downs.

This month passes quite fast since there was a long weekend and public holiday in the middle of the week. One more week then I need to do stock take and closing all over again... Wow...

My mum and sisters are now in Sydney enjoying their reunion and short break, and of course, the food. Hehehe... Great that all of you enjoy your time!

I'm exciting with my holiday plan next Feb too! My friend has helped me booking the rooms. Ticket has been purchased. I need to prepare some money to spend. Hahahahaha.... Plan to go to Doraemon shop over there.. Eat any kind of nice food and snacks they have. Seeing all the interesting places that they have and of course meeting my khakis at their hometowns. Hahahhaa...

Have checked with them the alcohol and cigs allowed to bring over there. We're going to have a good and enjoyable time!!!

Wakie wakie!!! Still 3 more months to go!!! Hahahahahhaa..... Save more money ba!!! Well.. Hope all of you have a great time as well!!! Travelling is my breath.....

Oh ya! Yesterday 2R and I celebrated small R of going to P3C. My expectation towards my son is not that high. As long he is aware what he is doing, know his limitation, and of course he has put in his effort on it, and lead a happy life, I'm more than happy. We had dinner at Aston in Suntec. The premium ribeye x-tra cut was not bad. Price was reasonable too. Only that waiting time for food to be served was quite long. Anyway, we had a great time and today is Friday!!! Small R and I are going for Run For Hope this Sunday. 4.2km run. Jia you ba!!!

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