Monday, December 20, 2010

5 days to Christmas :)

20th December 2010

I had lunch with ET today. We had Japanese Ramen plus black pig meat. Hehehee.... Not bad, but a soup taste was a bit salty. The deep fried black pig ribs were marinated nicely. Really had a heavy lunch!

ET gave me Doraemon keychain thumb drive 8 GB as my Christmas present. She bought it during her holiday in HK recently. She also bought few flavors of famous almond cookies from Macao. Thank you ET!!! I love the thumb drive very much. I can bring it around everyday and I'm sure it will be very useful :)

Doraemon Thumb Drive & Keychain - X'mas present from ET

I gave her Mickey and Minnie Mouse puzzle as Christmas present. Just nice her partner likes Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Hope they like it :)

After work, I stopped by at City Hall MRT to meet JT. I passed the goodie bag to her and also Christmas present. It's a sock to put in the presents, hope she could get more presents this year :) She also passed me the presents for me and my colleagues. She bought us Ferrero Rocher and Merci Chocolates :) Thank you!!

Reached home, I steamed the siew mai brought from Jakarta previously. As the new stock will come tomorrow, I had to clear the old stocks. Kekekeke... While waiting, I took a bath. Once it's done, I had it right away. It still tasted nyummy although only added with sweet soya sauce and Indo chilli sauce.

At about 8.30pm, my friend, PY smsed me and asked me if I'm at home. She wanted to pass the Christmas present for me. I told her before not to buy me anymore 'cos previously she gave me Doraemon ear piece liao.. But she said that was my Birthday present. So she purposedly walked from Hougang MRT to my house and passed the gift to me. So touched... Thank you PY!! She gave me other Doraemon stuffs, which are the Doraemon LED light to be clipped on computer monitor and a small Doraemon doll to be hanged on bag. Wow... She gave me lots of Doraemon stuffs liao! Speaker, ear piece, pillow, etc. Love it very much! Thank you once again!!

Doraemon LED Light & Doraemon - Relax - X'mas presents from PY

Doraemon Speaker - Birthday present from PY

These past few days my hubby went back home very late, at about 3am because his Boss' big Bosses are here and he had to fetch them for dinner and drink session at night. My son wasn't at home too. So every night I feel like I'm staying alone, reminding me of the time when I was staying alone in Bluche during study time. Felt so great! Hahahahaha..... Anyway... tomorrow my baobei will return back home. He really had a great holiday time down there! Miss him.. See you soon son! Muachhh!!!!

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