Monday, December 06, 2010


Yesterday night before I went to sleep, I jotted down in my diary, long and short term goals that I want to accomplish!

When I first diagnosed with my incurable disease, I thought my life would be short and no use of doing or planning so much thing, just enjoy life and wait for the day to come. But up to now, I'm quite optimistic with my health conditions. So far, all the blood and urine tests showing good results and nothing to worry of, except that I had to be on long term medication and there would be side effects. But when the time comes, at least I got prepared...

Recently I bought and read the self-improvement book. I am quite a slow reader, but I quite like what the author's thinking and write. I also read another book borrowed from a library.

I don't know where I get this strength to carry on... I just have so many things that I want to accopmplish!

I create long and short SMART goals. My son helped me with the ideas as well. Sometimes he would laugh at me, especially when I wrote about exercise... Ekkekekekeke.... He already commented early... Yeah... Maybe tomorrow... Or tomorrow... :D he understands me too well hahahahaha....

We'll see if I can achieve those goals! Life with a purpose will make your life more meaningful. Balancing life will always be my priority. And do one thing at one time! Such as: when it times to work, I'll work. Time to study, I'll study. Time to play, I'll play. Time to rest, I'll rest. And time to holiday, don't need to say rite???

I believe goals are very important in life. Well.. Pray hard amd more that I could achive those!!! Jia you!!!!

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