Thursday, January 06, 2011

1st class, new beginning...

Hehehe... Finally the day came!!! I just had my first lesson. On the way up inside the lift, I overheard someone said that it's been long time for her to go back to study again, 8 months. Inside my heart I was saying, mine is longer, 2 years. Hehehe.... Dunno why I felt exciting of going back to study again.

I still remembered two years ago after finishing my last taken exam, I told my brother and sis-in-law that it would be my last paper. The whole process was sooo.... tiring... Preparing for 1 exam was like... Dunno how to say. I needed to go library to study alone during weekends. I even stayed at my bro's house when they were still working overseas and slept there for a night, and spent the rest of the day studying.

I remember of giving up this paper's class twice, just because I wasn't ready for it. Wasted my money and time.

When I was sick 2 years ago, I also thought that life is short. Why would I fill my life doing miserable thing that I don't even know if it'd be useful or not in the future.

But because of the failure I had, because of the continuous sound healthy life I have so far, and because of motivation of having better career in the future - equal to expectation of getting better salary - and with that better salary I can continuously live my life with things I love to do AND to be able to give some of earnings to those in need, then I have this strength to carry on. Hehehehe... So long ah... But I just found that I have this courage, energy, and lots of positive thinking to be embodied in my mind.. and I hope I can make people who is around me to feel better, to be happier, to think positively, and to live the way of life they want. I also don't know why where did I get all those things.

Remember the book I purchased recently? I went to Kinokuniya and couldn't find the book in shelf. I don't know if it's been sold out? I want to buy more and give it to friends or family members that I care so that they could have this positive thinking in their lives as well.

I don't know.. Maybe I am bornt lucky in this life. I was bornt as the youngest in family. My parents are able to raise me up in big families. Never had worries financially so far despite of me and hubby not earning so much. Could visit lots of places in this world. Have roof to stay, clothes to wear, food to eat. No need to worry about financing other sibling's education fee etc. My parents are independent financially as well and are in good health so far. I really grateful with all the things happened to me.

I have some friends bornt as the eldest in the family. They have to finance their sibling's education, give allowances to parents, some parents are not in good health, therefore they need time and money to bring them to check up etc. The place they work is like hell, no freedom, no friends. Working hours so long. Taking leave also cannot take long one, and many more things happened to them.

I know I can't change their situation. But by giving them moral support, ask them to think positively, hope it can change the way they think. Don't you think it can help?

Well, life is like a box of chocolate, like what Forest Gump said. You never know what you'll get. Although I get a good one now, doesn't mean it will last forever. Anything can happen anytime, anywhere. Just hope one thing would not change... The positive thinking inside me and everyone. Hope everyone will live happily.. It's all in mind.

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