Saturday, January 08, 2011

First time attending Charity Gala Dinner

Yesterday there was another theme day in our canteen. It's New Year theme day and proudly presented by S&M department. There were games as well. Need 3 group of participants. They called dept I work, consisting 1 group leader in charge of drawing and 3 members to guess the pictures. There were just nice 3 colleagues and myself. They asked me to join. Since it's games for fun and supposed won't be difficult, I then happily participated as the one who drew while the other 3 to guess. We selected the list of pictures to be drawn randomly. When I opened the paper, I laughed so loud 'cos there was my favorite cartoon and the rest were quite easy. There were 5 pictures to guess. It's Doraemon, my GM, Singapore flyer, Merlion, and one of the food outlet in our place. Wah, I happily drew and my colleagues were also clever that they could guess what I drew easily and fast. We became the first group to finish. The rest two groups were quite slow.. Haahhahaha.... So happy and coincidence... :)

There is another game, to write down the area where 5 photos were taken within our hotel. I wrote once. Then after finished my lunch, I went around to check where exactly those photos were taken. Quite interesting 'cos one photo was taken on ceiling and we seldom drew our attention to look up to the ceiling although we've been to the places for so many times. Another more difficult one was in front of one of the rented room, where we often pass by the area as well, but didn't really notice on what's really there.

I went back to canteen, and wrote down again my findings. Not sure if I'm qualified to do that 'cos I wrote the answer twice. The DOSM was there and my AFC said it was ok, 'cos there is no terms and conditions for this game. Kekeke... At the same time, AFC asked me to write the answers for her as well. True enough, both of us got the answers right and won small tokens from the games. Hahaha... Quite fun!!!

On Thursday afternoon, my Boss called me and asked if I was free on Friday night. One of suppliers invited her for Charity Gala Dinner. But she was very busy and unable to attend, so she asked me since my job relates to this supplier. Then I asked her to forward the email then told her I would see if I or my colleagues was free on Friday.

In the email, the supplier invited my Boss and 2 of her team members. I asked my colleague if she's free and wanted to attend the event. She said she's free and could go. Then I called him and told him that me and my colleagues would attend the event, but not my Boss, then he said he would deliver the tickets to us on Friday afternoon. The next day he personally handed in the tickets to me. In the letter, he has given donation for 10 seat, each seat was given for every $350 donation. Well, right after work, my colleague and I went there by MRT and bus.

It's my first time attending Charity Gala Dinner. There was Ministry of Health as Guest of Honour attending the event. The special thing for the dinner is that the food served were the food that the Singapore National Culinary Team cooked and presented, and also won during the Culinary World Cup back in year 2010. They won the 1st prize from 26 countries who competed for the Award. That night, Chef Eric Teo, the president of SCA (Singapore Chefs' Association) was there to add the professional touch of the menu. Usually I saw him on TV, also the MOH. I saw them in person that night. Hehehe....

The menu was European 4-course dinner. Started with foie gras, then salmon, beef, and dessert. All tasted great!! I loved the salmon very much, and the beef. Both were very soft and smooth inside your mouth. The combination of the ingredients were mixed very well. I really enjoyed the dinner.

My colleague and I sat together with the supplier who invited us. He also invited other people from other establishment. Not bad, can know more people. Good way of networking.

There were opera singing, violin played, and danced from Singapore Dance School. There were also auction selling of the art donated by the artist from different background. Quite interesting.

We finished the dinner at about 10.30pm. The supplier helped to fetch me until Boon Keng, then I took bus back home. Wahhh... I felt great and lucky, really had 'koufu', able to eat the food that was cooked by the winner. I know the Pastry Chef. But she doesn't know me. Hahahahha.... Her twin sister used to work in my working place, but not anymore. She joined her twin sis in Fairmont.

Well.. great experience and thank you my Boss for letting me attend the dinner. Hehehe.... have a great weekend everyone!!!

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