Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

It's sixth day of January 2011! I've been busy with month-end closing these past few days and will be busy with CNY preparation. Today will be my first day of going back to school. It's been 2 years since I last took my class. Very exciting about it! Must keep positive thinking of all these and hope everything will go on smoothly! Must spend more time studying and revise in the future!! Hope I can do it!! Jia you!!!

Need to plan for this month-end closing liao as CNY falls on beginning of next month. My Boss wants us to close early as they won't have enough time to close on time if we didn't do so. Tomorrow we are going to talk about it in meeting. Hopefully everything will go on smoothly as well.

There are good news as well for the upcoming CNY! We won't go back to my hometown this year, but.. my second sis and her families will come here, so will my parents. We're going to celebrate CNY together here... So exciting!!! The last time my 2nd sis came to Singapore was when she attended my wedding dinner, which was 8.5 yrs ago. She and her son are very exciting about this upcoming trip. Too bad I had to work during month-end and only able to get off on the red dates (3 to 6 Feb). Hopefully I can make full use of the time to gather with them.

Well, hope this year will bring all of you abundance of good health, prosperity, love, and success.. Hope this year will be another smooth year again to all of us. I have some resolutions to fulfill this year. Hope I can make it!!! All the best everyone!!

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