Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just finished my class and now on the way back home. So funny! After work, I have 3 other friends who also went to the same school, same building, same timing, but we didn't meet each other there. Each of us went to different course and different class.

I almost forgot that I had a class today. Lucky I checked the schedule and still not far from home so that I could still go back and get my book, otherwise I would have missed this memorable lesson. :P

Teacher gave us lots of homework but I don't think I will have time to do it since the next class will be this Saturday. My time is packed with working tomorrow and Saturday morning. Hope I would have enough time to do it another time.

As I walked back home, I forgot that I've left something below my table. A thigh of roasted duck. Haiya.... Would be waste if I don't eat it tonight. We had 1 duck and my friends had given me a part of it. I ate a bit this evening, then I hid it below my table as someone came into my office. Then... I forgot to take it back liao.. Hahaha... Not my luck!!

Anyway... Reaching home soon. Wanna watch American Idol. But I think I won't watch it. I need enough rest so that I can do my work properly tomorrow. Another stock-take day. Hope everything will go on smoothly and have a smooth closing.

Counting down.. 2 more days to go.. My parents are coming. 3 more days to go.. My sis and her families are coming... Yihaaaa!!!!!!

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