Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One more week to CNY!!! Have you all been exciting and ready for it???? Yeahhhh!!!!! :)

Have bought all the necessities. Prepared the necessaries. Now preparing myself for the busy month-end period. At the same time, eager to wait for the arrival of my parents, sister and her families from HK!

We talked about it early this month and now, in few days time, they are going to come here.

So many people do not feel well and I hope all of us can maintain a good health for this upcoming festival. Have planned some dinner and lunch gathering, also to go to USS with whole families. Wow! Never seen my father goes to amusement park before! Heheehehe.... It's gonna be the first time, and not the last one hopefully! We are all young at heart. Hahahahaha.... :D

Have booked steamboat for next Sunday (6 Feb) at Hougang and hopefully we can have a relaxing and enjoyable dinner before they going back the next day. Hehehehehee....

Can't wait to meet my sis and her families. Children must have grown up and I guess her hubby would still look the same hehehehe... Wish him to win more money at MBS!! As what he'd had before in Macao. Hahahahahaha.....

Well... Hope everyone is having a great mood as well. When the family members are not there, friends would be as good accompany as well! Hope everyone is blessed with good health!!!

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