Friday, January 21, 2011

Shopping day!!!

Today I took off-on-lieu to replace the New Year public holiday. I woke up at 6am and fetched bao bei to his school. I hadn't done this for quite some time. So, although I slept quite late last night (just to watch the first series of American Idol Season 10 - with new judges: Steve Tayloe (singer of my favorite song - I don't wanna miss a thing) and Jennifer Lopez. Both had brought a better ambience in judging the contestants. Keep it up!)

We had a breakfast first, fried beehoon with fish fillet and seaweed chicken for him and fried kway teow with luncheon meat and fried cabbage for me. Both of us shared teh-o. Nice breakfast!!!

I went back home after that. Tried to sleep again but I couldn't, although I was tired. So I just browsed around the youtube listening to some nice songs and posted it to my fb.

At 12.45pm, I went to his school again and fetched him back. We went to coffee shop to have lunch and met my mother-in-law, younger sis-in-law, and the elder sis-in-law's son. Bao bei and I had chicken rice. He likes eating the chicken rice there while I still prefer the chicken rice near Hougang Central. The children played games and exchanged the tickets to some toys then we went back home.

Bao bei preferred to stay at home. So I went out myself. I went to Tampines. When reached there, I visited bank first to exchange money for CNY. Queued for about half an hour before my turn. Once done, I started to browsed around. There are 3 shopping malls there, so I walked from one place to another. This time I was looking for some working clothes. I need to replenish my working attire due to wear and tear.

I found a nice shirt, but not cheap. But since I liked it, I bought one. A bit scared that I couldn't get any clothes due to my preference and size that is hard to satisfy. Hahahaa.....

Then went to Popular book shop. I bought a new wallet for Bao Bei. His wallet is very old and not in a good condition. He needs a replacement. Hopefully he likes the design that I chose.

I went into Esprit shop and bought a skirt and sleaveless shirt. Both were on sale. But the skirt wasn't cheap either. From original price of $99.90, now became $69.90. That's the last piece. So I thought it was meant for me. The size is just nice and it's a bit short. Need to have some diet in order to be able to wear it nicely. Hahahahaa.... ;P

I went to another shop called Cache Cache and again, quite lucky to find a short sleeve shirt and normal shirt for working. I paid less than $50 for these 2 pieces. Waaa... Spent quite a lot money today, but felt happy. I have found what I want. So I plan to have more sleep tomorrow. When I woke up, have breakfast, take a bath, then to manage my whole wardrobe. To get rid of those not in good condition and replace it with new one.

I'm on the way home now inside the bus. Enjoy ur weekend!!

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