Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yesterday before finished working, I was asking my colleague why she was wearing all black from hair to toe. She said she was going to my ex-colleague's home, his father passed away and she was asking me if I interested to join. Since I didn't have anything, I agreed to it immediately. We went out from office at about 7pm. We had dinner while waiting for another colleagues then went together to his house.

My ex-colleague stays in landed property. I was curious as well as I heard before from other colleagues that his house is so... big! True enough. The front part of the house is very big. It can hold a banquet of about 30 tables maybe? They put tables on left and right while middle part is for people to pray and give respect. The coffin was put inside the living room facing outside. He was 76 yrs old. It was unexpected that he would leave this world this fast because at first he was admitted to hospital to fix his pelvis that was caused when he fell down recently. After surgery, it came other problem and when doctor found out, there were stones in his intestines and it affected other organs as the blood that passed through the intestines creating toxic. Within few days he was gone.

Life is really unpredictable and short. When it's time to go, it'll go. So, cherish your life while you're alive. :)

One of the ex-colleagues said that yesterday, it was the biggest, I don't know if I can call it 'funeral', that she'd ever seen in Singapore. There were big banners from quite number of associations where his father was the member or even the leader of the association. There were flower wreaths as well. When she said that, it reminded me 3 years ago when my grandma passed away. The same 'funeral' was conducted for few days before she was buried. THAT was the biggest I've ever seen!!! They set the thing not at home, but at the place where is built especially for that. There were table set up just like 5-star restaurant. They put carpet and air-con inside. The food and drink came and were served non-stop to visitors. The food can start from chicken noodle, rice with meat and veggies, bakpao, can't remember what else, even pop corn, etc. And it's kinda special as the coffin was surrounded with lots of beautiful and imported flowers set by my cousins. My grandma likes a nice smell fragrant when she was alive, so they wants to make sure that even when she's gone, she would be still surrounded by flowers which generates nice smell. The place was decorated in red as well, as they want my grandma to leave this world happily. The flowers wreath came non-stop. There were hundreds of wreaths and it was displayed in the big walls, so... many of it!!! my grandma has 7 children and all of them loves her very much. Grandchildren and great grandchildren were a lot! We all have memory with her when she was still alive. She was one of the luckiest people on earth!

Well... I hope she and my ex-colleague father could be bornt in a better life in their next reincarnation fromm all good deeds they ever did when they were alive. So many people felt their lost, however their memory would still remain in our hearts.


Raymond said...

Dear, sometimes we just have to take it easy in life. After all we just have to go the same way at the end of the day.cheers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice words raymond.... Yi zhen

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