Monday, April 04, 2011


It's April now!! No exciting event in front except to prepare exam these next two months. Despite going shopping and enjoying the bonus, I had to cope with study. It's a sad fact that I can't study at home. I have to find a suitable place to do so, but I don't think it's suitable. Haiz.... It'll be good if I can find a partner, but too bad I don't have any. Or maybe someone who can teach me... It's only just a dream ba!!! Have to depend on myself to reach my goal.

Spending quite lots of time on Saturday night, watching videos from fb. Lots of video showing how to motivate yourself and practice it in reality. Too often or not, we are not presevering enough.

I had McDonalds w/ hubby last night. I told him, one of my dream is to buy motorcycle and ride it everywhere I want at anytime. He stopped me doing that because he saw lots of people suffering when they had an accident while riding the motorcycle. Well, it happens to others, not necessarily happens to me. But he stopped me because he cares and loves me. As kiasu and kiasu type of person, that's what he can do to prevent it to happen.

He said, I can buy it, but only after he died. Haiz....

Thank you for caring and loving me so much.

Well, there will be long weekend during Good Friday, but again, I think I'll just cope myself nowhere but doing revision ba! Hope I can do it!

Sorry if I keep rejecting friend's invitations of going out nowadays, at least until my exam has over ba! Don't think too much! If you do, then too bad lor...

Gotta a friend who has tendered her resignation last month. Sad and happy at the same time. Sad 'cos we'll lose someone who is so helpful, but happy because she can get out of the unhappiness she faced in her work life. Hope a new place will treat her better. Jia you!!

Write till here. Have a great month ahead!! Take care!!!

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