Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrating 2-Year Anniversary working at SMC :)

Up to today, I've gone through 24 times of stock-taking work in this company :) Within 2 years I've learnt quite lots of new things, facing lots of ups and downs of working world, facing different types and characters of human beings, even going through the time where people came and went out of this company.

Just happened today is my friend's last day of part-time job. After doing my work, we went to one of the property's outlet to have dinner. Previously, my colleague, who in charges of its kitchen, had asked me if I had my dinner there. But during my 2 years here, I hadn't stepped into his outlet yet. Yes, I went for dinner there before, but it was during my previous job. I went to the outlet every month too, but to do stocktaking, not to have dinner, enjoy and relaxing or whatsoever.

So my friend and I decided to have dinner there. The Chef decided on our menu and we just sat and enjoyed our food.

They served hot bread with two kinds of butter as the opening. Fruits and avocado salad as the appetizer. Followed with special beef satay Pizza that was not inside the menu, and Beef tenderloin served with potato and sauteed vegetables. I ordered a glass od Mouton Cadet Rouge to match the Beef while my friend ordered a Pussy Foot Mocktail. As a dessert, she ordered Mud Pie and we shared all the food together.

We chit chatted and watched TV (the wedding of Prince William and Kate) while enjoying our food. It's great feeling when after a day of work, you sat down, ate and drink, and talked about anything with your good friend.

Overall the food was good, it's only that when I saw the ingredients, I felt very familiar as sometimes I had to cover my colleague's duty doing receiving goods from supplier and received those ingredients on a daily basis. I did their menu costing too. And I know all the staffs there. Hahahaha... Kinda like no privacy as everyone who dropped by there would see me there and they knew I was having my dinner there. Hahahaha....

Anyway, I didn't think much while eating. Just enjoy the moment :)

It's supposed to be a long weekend, but unfortunately, for those who work in finance must somehow go back to work and prepare for the month-end closing. I need to go back tomorrow to post the invoices and also to clear up some issues. Or maybe I would just go back to work next Monday (supposed to be the holiday). Maybe Monday ba?? No obligation anyway, as long as I can finish my work on time... See how ba!!

Time flies very fast. When I worked here for the first time, I worked here for about 2.5 years before moving on to another company. And now, it's 2 years already for my second post!!! Will that mean I would change my job in another 6 mths??? Kekeke... Let the flow goes ba.. Shun qi zi ran...

This month, lots of colleagues who had been working here for a long time, decided to move on to a new career or for another new life back to their hometown. It's kinda sad that mgmt didn't do anything or put any effort to retain them. Is it the fault of the management? Or is it just the nature of life??? I think we all know what the answer is...

Well, reach home soon.. Enjoy your long weekend everyone! Have a good night!!! :)

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