Saturday, April 16, 2011

Joyce's Farewell Dinner

Joyce's Farewell Dinner - Taiwan Porridge Buffet @Quality Hotel - Fri, 15 Apr 11

Yesterday after work, my colleagues and I went for farewell dinner. A purchasing colleague who is in charge of our hotel's purchasing is leaving soon. Her last day will be on next Thursday.

She has been working for 3 years and it's time for her to move on. She would like to work with more space and freedom on her own.

I knew her for about two years. We related quite much on our work since I'm in charge in receiving area as well. Any products weren't delivered, didn't meet users' requirements, and any others would be reported by us and she is the one who passes our messages to suppliers.

There were many occasions where Chef urgently needs the items and she has been very helpful and willingly to help us to the end. I think that she is deserved to be thanked. Without her, their operational activities wouldn't be smoothly. Too bad some people took her for granted lor...

Anyway since we arranged her farewell, I was thinking on what thing we should give for her momentous. Then last weekend I developed photos that we took together in previous occasion plus some photos of other colleagues. I went to book store to buy the paper for the base. At night I cut the photos and arranged it so that there was enough space for the rest to write their message.

Last Monday I brought it together with the frame to the office. I started asking my colleagues to write their message for her one by one. There are some people who deal with her more. Some were surprised that she will leave soon, asking me where will she go, why, and who will replace her post and so on.

When they see it, most of them gave me the same comments, such as: 'u sim' (in Hokkien), or 'you xin' (in Chinese), use heart - in English :D, they say it's very nice and even ask me to do the same for them. Some asked me to do this and put it in Canteen. Kekekeke.... I where got so free... :P

Anyway, I gave the last touch up yesterday by adding some stickers and put it into the frame.

We passed the gift to her after we finished our dinner. Dunno if she was touched or 'gan dong' when received it. I hope she did and happy with it. I told her I only did few to others, like so far only made 3 such things to other people. So, she was quite lucky oh!!! Hehehehe....

Posed together after dinner

I scanned the thing, but it's too big. It couldn't fit into our office photocopy's screen, therefore I divided into two parts.

Part 1 & 2 side by side

We had Taiwan Porridge Buffet at Quality Hotel and continued with drinking session at the bar next to it. We sat outside and there were live singing inside. Still could hear the songs, only that not too loud and a bit hot.. Hahahaa... However, we still enjoy it!

4 Gals cheerrsss........ All the Best Joyce!!!

Joyce and the 4 SMC guys...

On the way to weekend class now. Feel a bit sleepy although I woke up quite late this morning.

Tomorrow will go for cycling and BBQ session with baobei. Housekeeping staffs organised their outing and invited me and my colleagues. Since I have no other activity, I will bring my son for a ride and eating session. He would love it! Hehehe... Hope the weather will be good tomorrow.

Well, enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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