Saturday, May 07, 2011

7 May 2011

Today it's the first day of revision. So far so good. The teacher revised the inverstment appraisal, connected with other topics. 6 hours drilled in 2 session. Thanks to the coffee and breakfast eaten before going to the class :D

Tomorrow will be second day. Need to browse through the topic and get myself ready before he revised it tomorrow.

Just now, before heading to take MRT, I stopped by at crystal shop. Ar first I saw the heart shape of gold rutile pendent. Since tomorrow is mother's day, I thought of buying my mom something. Then I asked if there are other models available. After looking for few, I asked the seller, what is this for? He said, it's to make the mind clear during work, study, good for lung, career, and wealth as well. Then I was thinking that this is more suitable for my father and myself since my mom is not working.

I wanted to buy this gold rutile since long time ago but I haven't found any that is nice and suitable for me. Just nice I found 1 that is in bigger size (for my dad) and another one more girly type for myself :) Since it's mother's day, the shop gave 20% discount, and I was asking a slightly lower price. Anyway, she quoted me a price which I think reasonable for the goods that I bought. I felt so happy to find these two items. Because I believe that you need a fate or affinity when you buy a crystal. So I bought it with no hesitation.

It would be my first gift for him, hope he likes it.

Sorry Mom, I still can't find a suitable one for you yet. Hope you don't mind. I will still love you and respect you forever :) Hope one day I can buy something for you that you will like it as well :)

Happy Mother's Day Mum!!!

Today it's polling day as well!! Now I'm on the way to give my vote to the future government. Whatever the result is, just hope Singapore will always be a safe and peaceful country and good place to stay for everyone!!!

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