Friday, May 06, 2011

First time joining the rally!!!

2 days ago my colleague and I were discussing on who we'll vote during upcoming election. She then said that she attended the WP rally nearby her house last weekend. It was actually interesting to listen what the candidates said in their speech. I went online and listened on the speech during night time before sleep.

The PAP and opposition party were addressing issues and it was like question and answers session. They would react and give their comments on what the other party said about them.

So I was thinking to attend one of the rallies, listening to the party that I have interest at. So we decided to go to the rallies together after work.

We took bus to Ubi area. It was slightly jam when we almost there. We dropped off the bus at one stop before the exact bus stop and walked together with other passengers too (same supporters... Kekeekkee...)

It was raining before that. And the rally was held in the open grass area. The soil was wet and muddy. Although they tried to put a white cover on top of the grass, the soil was just too soft and our feet still landed deeply into soil and wet. However all of us were still walking through it and standing there, listening the speech with wet and dirty feet.

Slowly people was coming and filled the area. Some were cleverer by going to the nearest HDB block, watched and listened to the speech from upper floor (why I didn't think of that??? First experience ba! Hahahaaha...)

It wa drizzling a bit, lucky no rain. The candidates were giving their speech, talking about their goal, aspirations, etc. If they were elected and why people must vote them. They spoke in different languages, with different style of giving speech.

It's really different with PAP candidates. Just saw two young PAP candidates giving their speech and opinion to public. It was... Questionable on their capability to handle the public interest, really. Some were young and inexperience and didn't get the whole picture and had a very little knowledge on what problems that Singaporean are really facing.

It's very different with what the opposition thinks. The opposition candidates are sincere and giving their heart and effort, try to help addressing the problem that community faces.

Too bad my area is now no more under WP. Although I don't move my house,but yet we are now under different GRC from previous election. No explanation given on why they changed it in such way, anyway... Tomorrow is the polling day and today is the cooling off day. Let's think carefully which party we should choose for better future!!!

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