Wednesday, May 11, 2011

These past few days the weather was very hot!!! It forces us to hide inside air-con room, which makes our skin dry, and so does our throat. I have a bit of sore throat now. One of my colleagues is taking MC today. Didn't see any symptoms of flu on him yesterday but he'll be taking long leave this weekend.

Kinda upset with it but I have just to keep remind myself that despite the hot weather, despite the busy schedule of working and studying, I must KEEP FIT!!!

Exam is coming in less than one month's time. And there is a very important event to go next Monday!!! The more I have to KEEP FIT!!! I really hope I can attend the event healthily and overcome the process smoothly. Hope I can make it!

Well.. Kinda busy and short month, plus need of exam preparation. Hope I won't lose the spirit and able to study and concentrate fully to the subject.

Take care of your health everyone! As in Buddhism, it's said 'health is the biggest wealth of the human being'. Have a great day!

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