Friday, June 03, 2011


Recently we have quite numbers of butterfly coming out from our plant outside the house. We noticed that there were caterpillars on the trees, fatty one, hehehehe... They often camouflage hiding in branch or leaves. Slowly we noticed there were eggs dropped on the leave, also green pulpa and the empty one. It's second time we saw the butterfly flying and realised that it has just appeared from the empty pulpa.

When I took a picture, just nice it spread its wings, then flew away to natural life. It's very interesting and happy to see its transformation. At the same time, we saw other two caterpillars starts growing up fattily eating the leaves in the plant. The plants lost lots of its leaves until botak half of its body. However, we also can see the new leaves are growing. It's amazing!

From the small plant outside our house, we can see the nature of life and learn how things can grow naturally, follow its course.. Like people always say.. Shun qi ze ran.... :D

Well.. Let nature take its course in everything that we do in life. Don't force into something too much in order to get something. If it's urs, it's urs. If it's not, then let it be.. ^^

Have a great journey like a butterfly... Beautifully bornt and fly to outside new world with strength and determination!!!!

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