Thursday, June 09, 2011

Finally it's over... Hard work for months was just for today. What I can say is just.. many things I prepared, it didn't come out. But those I didn't prepared, it was there!! Haiz... Many theories questions I didn't manage to answer as I thought it won't come out.. Or just never saw it before. Not really confident with the result, but nothing can be done anymore. So what I can do now is to wait.

Haven't decided to proceed with next paper yet. I still have to look at the schedule and to fit my holiday schedule :P

Well.. I can't wait to go home, go to my fridge and took out a can of beer... Hahahahahhaa.... Haven't drunk it for quite a while...

After exam I asked my friend to accompany me for dinner and walk2 as my feeling was quite down just now. It's much better now. Then realise I'm getting fat!!! Haiz... Tomorrow going for the sumptuous buffet lunch... How to slim down?????? :D

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