Friday, June 17, 2011

It's a week after the holiday. Back to work activity and return home continued watching Korean series, Secret Garden. Yesterday I watched the last episode liao. Overall, not so nice as the story line can't be accepted logically where 2 souls exchanged the body when the rain comes. The acting was so so too...

Going to have a break from the series and plan for shopping this weekend. Not necessarily buy things, but need to find good bargain to buy new working and usual clothes. Some clothes are obsolete in quality and need replacement. See how ba...

Few friends and I had Thai Buffet 2 days ago. Some dishes tasted really good, while some was not nice. I was a bit tired so we didn't continue with drinking session.

Tonight I'm going to meet ex-colleague and have dinner and chat. Would like to ask few questions about Dubai since he worked there before. After that, then I can decide on the air ticket. Wow!! Can't imagine myself going to one of Arab's country... Going to see another desert, riding on camel, maybe? Tasting their food.. Well, it's just amazing!!!

3 more months to go!!! Time flies ah???

Still haven't enrolled the next class, but I guess I know where I'm going to. Well, see how again ba!!!

It's getting more exciting, but sure tiring as well... No pain no gain!! :D

Have a great weekend!!!

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