Friday, June 10, 2011

Wonderful weekend :)

Lunch at Todai, The Shoppes at Marina Bay

Jasmine and families, Ellen, me, and Baobei

Today me, 2R, and my friends started our day by having lunch at Todai. I finally made it!! I'd been wanting to eat there since it was opened months ago, and finally made it!!! :)

7 of us sat together. It was great. We chit chatted and saw my friend's daughter reaction, so cute!!! :D

The food was not bad. Started with Korean pickles and finger food, continued with sushi, sashimi, dim sum, porridge, roasted meat, tempuras, and many more. Not forgettable the Alaska crab legs... :D I thought they didn't serve it for lunch, but they did. Wow!! It's cold and sweet. We ate quite a lot. I ate pizza, dessert, soft ice cream, and many more.

It was 42 bucks per pax. We thought it would be more expensive than that. But there were June promo and we're entitled 15 percent discount per pax. Not bad ah...

We sat there from 12 to 3 pm. Kekeke.... Then walked to MBS for checking in.

After finishing exam, I was thinking of taking a break. At first I was thinking of going out to Malaysia. But then my hubby thought it was a bit expensive for 3 of us during holiday season. And I was thinking the time of journey taken back and forth, made me lazy of going there.

When me and my friend had 'san bu yi bai', there was my friend's friend who is working at MBS. So I was thinking of staying at MBS for a night after the exam, by applying friends and family rate. So I asked PY for favor if she could contact her and whether she could help me booking.

After waiting for quite some time, on Monday she told me the application was approved and we could stay at Atrium Deluxe room.

So here we are... I'd never been here before this. I went to the Shoppes Bay before once, but didn't go to MBS hotel or even going up to Sky Park.

So today, I finally managed to come to the hotel, stay here for a night. After lunch, my friends also went up to see the room. Btw, our room was upgraded to Junior Suite, thanks to my friend :) It was fate ba :D

My friends also came up to our room to take a look. Not bad. We stayed almost at level 40 and we get to see a city view. It is really great!! The room is so big, especially the toilet :D It is even bigger than my room at home hehehehe....

Me and Abby

But I was forgot of asking them to go up to Sky Park... So they went back at about 4pm. And we went up to level 57 right after that. Also met up with my ex-colleague who works there. It's been quite some time since I met her and she has lost so much weight now!!! Wow!!

We walked and see the pool and decided to go the pool rightaway... Hehehe... The weather was so good!!! There was cloud hiding the sun so we wouldn't get any sun burn :D We managed to take picture while swimming :D It was one of my dream to be here... So I'm very happy that my dream is again coming true... :)))

Baobei and I @Sky Park swimming pool

We swam, then tried Jaccuzi, then went back to room and had another soak in the bath tub. Hehehhee... I brought the salt powder from Le Meridien Taipei and poured it inside. Smelt sooo.... good.... :)

My son also soaked himself after me. He also enjoyed himself very much... :)

Baobei and I - Dined at Kraze Burger

We went to the Shoppes Bay for dinner and decided to eat at Kraze Burger. It is something new, so we decided to try lor. My semi-nude is really good. Looked like lots of gal ordered it too, Reever was having kids A meal and Ray was having KG burger, not that nice.

We walked after dinner and went up to Sky Park to see the beautiful night view.

Now we're going to take a rest soon... So sleepy.. Ray brought a bottle of red wine and I had few glasses liao... Waiting for Ray to bring cheese back... Guess he lost his way out there.. Hahahaa...

Me and Hubby enjoyed our red wine at room
Well.. Feel very lucky and grateful for today! Thanks SB for everything.... Enjoy ur weekend too everyone!!!

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