Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Karaoke Session @Kbox

Girls Power !!!

Second Session @Party World

It's month end again!!! Time to stock-take and closing again. The karaoke last Friday seems just over, and tomorrow is another Friday again!!!

This Sunday I need to come to work to post invoices and do some other things for closing. Have high-tea appointment with ex-colleague who is going to go back to her home town for good, a farewell party. Also to wish her happiness for her wedding which was held about a month ago.

Wow! It seems just like yesterday that she was telling me about her wedding plan, quit her job, and go back to her home town. We had dinner in April ba?

But honestly, I can't wait for my holiday plan as well! Hehehehe.... 1.5 months to go!!! Go go go!!!

Can feel stuck by not going anywhere... Hahaha... My last trip was February. :D

Just plan another short break in September too. Though the time is short, hope we can enjoy the different environment, food, and snacks :D

Well... Write 'til here... Just hope this month end closing will go smoothly. Also the upcoming audit week. Wish us luck please.... :)

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