Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sitting and waiting for my turn. No matter I came 40 mins earlier, I still have to wait for my turn, possibly in another hour. Doctor is now handling new case. There are other 2 doctors inside reviewing the new patients, really wasting my time waiting for them. Haiz....

I'll have a class tonight and tomorrow my colleague will be on leave and I'll need to cover Receiving's duty. Haiz... Will be a busy Friday.

After working I already had a plan to dinner and go for karaoke session with friends. Just hope it will be an enjoyable night.

Quite busy with works these past few days as few auditors will be coming beginning of next month. And as we're refurshing our SOP, there were other things need to change and hopefully as time goes, it can flow accordingly.

Haiya... What a busy month!! Next week there will be stock-taking again, follow by month-end closing. Just hope that I will have enough rest during weekend and re-energize myself again.

This afternoon my friend and I met up for lunch and went to Kwan I'm Temple for a pray. While waiting for my friend to come, I went to the Chinese herbal shop and bought some tang shen and longan, plan to boil some nourishing herbal water to re-energize my body. I really need it!

Well.. Still another 3 patients before me!! And it's 3.37pm already while my appointment is supposed to be 3.10pm!!!!!

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