Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend has just over. The check-up result was good. Need to go back in 5 mth's time.

Friday nite was blast. My friends and I went to 2 places for Karaoke with a total of 7 hours singing and having fun. Have a McDonald in between for a break, and cuppa of Cappuccino to make myself awake.

We finished at 3.30am and went back home for sleep. I woke up at 12 plus the next afternoon and watched my Taiwan series until evening.

On Sunday, I slept for few times, my body really needed a rest. Didn't study as per planned :P Haiya....

Had durian for consecutive 2 nights, and self made tang shen tea for cooling and add energy. I had nightmares for consecutive 2 nights too. Was it because of eating durian??? Or was it because too much things in mind??? I have no idea!! But the nightmares were really.... Sucks!!

Well, going to be a busy week this and next week!!! Auditing will come next week. Hope everything goes smoothly...

Jia you!!!

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