Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Saturday we elected our President. Too bad, the chosen one is not a desirable one. Haiz.. What to do?

Me, my friend and son went to shop at Causeway Point in the evening. It was under renovation still, but quite big changes. I bought a dress, but just realised that the size is not as expected, nor I remember which size I tried before in the shop. My friend helped me to exchange on Sunday, but seemed that they hanged the cloth into wrong hanger size and they didn't have the size 12. I can fit the dress, only that it was a little bit too short. So I thought of trying one size bigger and see how will it be. Later I'm going to try at the other branch since they didn't have it there.

Nothing much on Sunday. Took a nap from 4-8pm. Had meal 3 times a day, enough to make me fat.

The hurricane went to New York yesterday and my parents were in Miami. They should be in the cruise now. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and they can go according to their schedule.

Well, month-end is here. Stock-take is here again. And so the month-end closing. Going to be busy this week.

Tomorrow is Hari Raya, so fast ah? Next Tue I'm going for holiday. Hope everything is going on smoothly too.. Well, happy working and living!! Have a great week ahead!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I almost have to say goodbye to my dear BB. Yesterday the trackball was angry with me. It only rolled up, left and right, but not rolled down. I was devastating this morning, even asked my hubby to buy a new iphone for me. Haiz.. I actually wait for either a BB9900 or iphone 5, which will arrive in one or two months later. I almost gave up my dear BB.

Luckily it gets better and I have to move it softly and handle it with care. Oh my dear BB, you know I love you right?? I also don't want to leave you out that fast. We've been together for 2 years and hope there are many more months or even year ahead. :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

zhu ni yi lu shun feng ma and pa...

This evening they are going to start their holiday by flying to NY and transit at Dubai. Heard there was an earthquake in Virginia near the nuclear plant and its quake could be felt in NY as well. Hope it's over and won't happen during their visit. There is an Irene hurricanne as well in Dominique Republic, Haiti area, and predicted will go up to Northwest, which includes Florida. They will only fly to Miami in few days time. Hopefully by the time they reach Florida, the hurricane has over and they can enjoy their cruise smoothly.

SB please protect them during all their journey... It's been my father dream to be able to take the current largest cruise in the world, which called the Allure. Hope his dream comes true soon and hope they have a safe, smooth, and pleasant journey. Please protect them from anything.

I will be meeting them in 2 weeks time in Dubai. Weather is 36-40 degree right now. Haiz... Hope I can stand it...

Well.. I'm exciting with upcoming holiday too.. But need to go through the closing first before enjoying it. Hope everything goes smoothly ah... Jia you!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shun Qi Ze Ran

Suddenly remembered the trip done a year ago to Tibet. I was really fortunate and really had a fate to travel there with both my parents, to my dream place... Time really flies.. It's been a year, seems just happened yesterday.

What is life actually? I believe that everyone carries their own karma and destiny. Sometimes I wonder, how I am going to survive the current live. I've lived quite a good live up to now, but sometimes questioning the mistery of remaining life. I have this thinking since many years ago. Palms, birth date and time, face, all can defy it, but is it reliable? Is it really showing what kind of life you'd have in future?

Like people always say, we can only plan, but destiny is not in our hands. Chenges of fortune can happen anytime. No matter how good you are, if your karma not ripen yet, you might still have to go through a sad live. But it all will subject to changes. But can we change our destiny as per we wish by living a life with positive thinking, with strength of being a better man and avoid any feeling to harm others? Sometimes I wanna tell those people that we can change our lives in the way how we see it. But I just can't prove it as there is no guarantee on it. Again, it's destiny, not always happened as what per planned.

I also don't know how my life will be in 10, 20. 30 years ahead... Will I live that long? Will I still work at that age? Will I be able to face live as how I face live currently??

Sometimes I would think of going to fortune teller to get any clue.. kind of clue for exam hehehe... But when they say about my future, if it isn't good, will I be strong enough to face it? That's why I prefer to let nature takes its course or shui yuan rather than thinling about it all the time. Hopefully with positive thinking in mind, with prayers for help and protection, I would be able to face live in better ways...

Noone says that life will be easy.. But we all have to go through it... Jia you ba!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Merdeka!!! It's Indonesian Independence Day today!

Tried Indonesian chicken noodle (bakmi ayam) and nasi tim 2 days ago at the food court in one of shopping centre along Orchard Rd. The texture of noodles was a bit hard, but mixture of sauce was ok. Accompanied with fried wanton (pangsit goreng) complete with sweet sauce. At price of $4.50 was quite pricey though. Don't think will eat there again. May try some other stall.

At the same night I also bought Martabak Campur (hot dessert - like thick pancake filled with choco, peanut and cheese). I reheated it into toaster so it became hot and crispy. It was too sweet and oily. Once in a while, when feel like having it, it is ok, but better have few people to share, otherwise choose smaller portion.

I haven't returned back home for 1.5 years and no plan to go back home yet 'til end of this year.

Called mom yesterday. She and pa just came back for check-up trip. She said everything was good and she was preparing her luggage for her upcoming long holiday. It will be 2.5 weeks trip. Going to meet them at the end of their trip. Hope they will enjoy and everything will go smoothly. Hope they will have a safe and pleasant trip, also hope the weather is good.

Checked the weather forecast, Dubai is 35-41 degree right now. Hope it's cooler in 3 weeks time. Kekekekeke....

My holiday trip is coming too.. Can't wait for it to come!! Haven't visited airport for quite some time... Hahahaha....

Well, write til here. Enjoy your day!!!

Friday, August 05, 2011


It's Friday again!!! Wow!! Time really flies!!

Had been working since Sunday due to month-end closing, and after few more hours, I got plenty of time to de-stress and to take a rest :)

My boss has approved my OIL next Monday, so I'll be having long weekend, then go for teambuilding training on Wed, so be back to work next Thursday!! What a shiok!!! :P

Tonight me and some close friends are going to meet up for dinner then we'll head to Shanghai dolly. I'm getting familiar with the songs they play. One of my good friends are broken hearted, so she would like to have a drink and hope that we'll be having a good time tonight!!!

Me, PY, and the broken-hearted gal

Sharon, Joyce, and Me @Shanghai Dolly

Hope I won't need to stay so long 'cos the next morning I need to go to my son's school to attend so-called exhibition at 9am, then will fetch him for tuition and Buddhist class. Just hope I could get up and had enough rest. Kekekeke.... Unlikely oh?? :P

This week was quite stressful week where we had 2 food hygiene audit. The first one has over and passed with good comments. And today is the most crucial one and they have higher expectation for this cert. Just hope everyone can go through it and know what they are doing. Hope everything goes smoothly.... (Update: We PASS!!!! :D)

Hope all of you enjoy ur weekend too!! Gonna fill one of the day to study and to have fun with my son. Enjoy ur weekend!!!
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