Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Saturday we elected our President. Too bad, the chosen one is not a desirable one. Haiz.. What to do?

Me, my friend and son went to shop at Causeway Point in the evening. It was under renovation still, but quite big changes. I bought a dress, but just realised that the size is not as expected, nor I remember which size I tried before in the shop. My friend helped me to exchange on Sunday, but seemed that they hanged the cloth into wrong hanger size and they didn't have the size 12. I can fit the dress, only that it was a little bit too short. So I thought of trying one size bigger and see how will it be. Later I'm going to try at the other branch since they didn't have it there.

Nothing much on Sunday. Took a nap from 4-8pm. Had meal 3 times a day, enough to make me fat.

The hurricane went to New York yesterday and my parents were in Miami. They should be in the cruise now. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and they can go according to their schedule.

Well, month-end is here. Stock-take is here again. And so the month-end closing. Going to be busy this week.

Tomorrow is Hari Raya, so fast ah? Next Tue I'm going for holiday. Hope everything is going on smoothly too.. Well, happy working and living!! Have a great week ahead!!!

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