Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Merdeka!!! It's Indonesian Independence Day today!

Tried Indonesian chicken noodle (bakmi ayam) and nasi tim 2 days ago at the food court in one of shopping centre along Orchard Rd. The texture of noodles was a bit hard, but mixture of sauce was ok. Accompanied with fried wanton (pangsit goreng) complete with sweet sauce. At price of $4.50 was quite pricey though. Don't think will eat there again. May try some other stall.

At the same night I also bought Martabak Campur (hot dessert - like thick pancake filled with choco, peanut and cheese). I reheated it into toaster so it became hot and crispy. It was too sweet and oily. Once in a while, when feel like having it, it is ok, but better have few people to share, otherwise choose smaller portion.

I haven't returned back home for 1.5 years and no plan to go back home yet 'til end of this year.

Called mom yesterday. She and pa just came back for check-up trip. She said everything was good and she was preparing her luggage for her upcoming long holiday. It will be 2.5 weeks trip. Going to meet them at the end of their trip. Hope they will enjoy and everything will go smoothly. Hope they will have a safe and pleasant trip, also hope the weather is good.

Checked the weather forecast, Dubai is 35-41 degree right now. Hope it's cooler in 3 weeks time. Kekekekeke....

My holiday trip is coming too.. Can't wait for it to come!! Haven't visited airport for quite some time... Hahahaha....

Well, write til here. Enjoy your day!!!

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