Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shun Qi Ze Ran

Suddenly remembered the trip done a year ago to Tibet. I was really fortunate and really had a fate to travel there with both my parents, to my dream place... Time really flies.. It's been a year, seems just happened yesterday.

What is life actually? I believe that everyone carries their own karma and destiny. Sometimes I wonder, how I am going to survive the current live. I've lived quite a good live up to now, but sometimes questioning the mistery of remaining life. I have this thinking since many years ago. Palms, birth date and time, face, all can defy it, but is it reliable? Is it really showing what kind of life you'd have in future?

Like people always say, we can only plan, but destiny is not in our hands. Chenges of fortune can happen anytime. No matter how good you are, if your karma not ripen yet, you might still have to go through a sad live. But it all will subject to changes. But can we change our destiny as per we wish by living a life with positive thinking, with strength of being a better man and avoid any feeling to harm others? Sometimes I wanna tell those people that we can change our lives in the way how we see it. But I just can't prove it as there is no guarantee on it. Again, it's destiny, not always happened as what per planned.

I also don't know how my life will be in 10, 20. 30 years ahead... Will I live that long? Will I still work at that age? Will I be able to face live as how I face live currently??

Sometimes I would think of going to fortune teller to get any clue.. kind of clue for exam hehehe... But when they say about my future, if it isn't good, will I be strong enough to face it? That's why I prefer to let nature takes its course or shui yuan rather than thinling about it all the time. Hopefully with positive thinking in mind, with prayers for help and protection, I would be able to face live in better ways...

Noone says that life will be easy.. But we all have to go through it... Jia you ba!!!

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