Friday, August 05, 2011


It's Friday again!!! Wow!! Time really flies!!

Had been working since Sunday due to month-end closing, and after few more hours, I got plenty of time to de-stress and to take a rest :)

My boss has approved my OIL next Monday, so I'll be having long weekend, then go for teambuilding training on Wed, so be back to work next Thursday!! What a shiok!!! :P

Tonight me and some close friends are going to meet up for dinner then we'll head to Shanghai dolly. I'm getting familiar with the songs they play. One of my good friends are broken hearted, so she would like to have a drink and hope that we'll be having a good time tonight!!!

Me, PY, and the broken-hearted gal

Sharon, Joyce, and Me @Shanghai Dolly

Hope I won't need to stay so long 'cos the next morning I need to go to my son's school to attend so-called exhibition at 9am, then will fetch him for tuition and Buddhist class. Just hope I could get up and had enough rest. Kekekeke.... Unlikely oh?? :P

This week was quite stressful week where we had 2 food hygiene audit. The first one has over and passed with good comments. And today is the most crucial one and they have higher expectation for this cert. Just hope everyone can go through it and know what they are doing. Hope everything goes smoothly.... (Update: We PASS!!!! :D)

Hope all of you enjoy ur weekend too!! Gonna fill one of the day to study and to have fun with my son. Enjoy ur weekend!!!

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