Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy year-end

Finally we received a letter from HDB to collect our key this Friday. We have been waiting for this house since 2008 and it's finally done. Quite early from our expectation. We thought it's going to be next year's affair. Well, mixed feelings arise with the upcoming changes. New house means new area to live in, new environment, new living style, etc. We are going to miss our convenient area that we have now. Wonder if we will be having a nice vegetarian stall nearby our house, supermarket within walk distance, school within walk distance, etc. Yes, maybe 3-5 more years later. Hope that they'll build a mall nearby the MRT, or market and hawker centre for instance.

Punggol Waterway has been done and was started yesterday, but too bad it is not anywhere near within our house. It's on the other side. I have already planned of buying some kind mode of transports such s bicycles, so that we can find our food, buy our things. and of course, exercising within the area. Hehehe... but scared one day lost our bicycles due to thefts... so if wanna buy, also buy second hand one. Not only cheaper, but also not really demanded by thief ba?? As long it's still workable and in good shape.

My parents will come over this weekend. I have asked papa to take a look at our house since he has knowledge on feng shui, also lots of experience with the building construction. Mom is coming too... Just hope everything will go smoothly... Hope we will be able to stay peacefully in our new house later.. and slowly resolve our changes in environment and everything.. Jia you!!!

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