Saturday, October 29, 2011

House Inspection from FS Master :)

It's been my dream that one day my father can inspect my new house and give advise to us on what to do, when to move, where to put, and so on. Finally my dream has come true :)

He likes FS very much. He has been learning it since young and I prefer to believe that he can do it. He has passion on it. Not only looking at new house. He also went to offices, factory, and even graveyard. So when I told him I could collect my key, he was immediately asking my mom to book ticket to here. I really thank and appreciate their efforts to come. Thank you pa. Thank you ma.

This afternoon we went for site inspection. Supposedly I had a class from 10 to 1pm. But my hubby last minute has to work. So I had no choice but to skip it. Then at first I intend to fetch my son to his Chinese class, but he wasn't feeling well. Last night he was awoken and vomit. And it's been added with stomach pain. So he had to skip his class too and I brought him to se doctor. After having medicines then we went out to the site.

At first he measured the length and width of the house and find the centre point of the house. Then he took out his compass and try to find direction where to put stove in the kitchen. Only certain angle. Then he looked around, giving some advises here and there. As for the width of the door, he was quite satisfy. Nowadays the room and toilet doors width for new homes, all 88cm width, while entrance is 108cm. He only requested the main door to be made into 1 pc rather than divided into one big and one small. But we are not sure if we are allowed to do so, since the door is specially made for fire-proof. Need to ask. Then there is small window to access to air-con compressor, and he asked us to cover it from the opp structure. We are also not sure if we can do so since we read before in the rules that we can't cover that area.

He also requested to block the two doors in front of the main door which lead to the balcony. We need to do something about it as if there is no door there, etc.

Date has been chosen as well on when to move. It'll be after CNY. Hopefully there is enough time to do whatever things that need to be done. Overall he quite likes the place.

We finished at 3pm and had lunch together before my brother sent us back home. My son was sleeping on the floor while we were there and now sleeping beautifully in my room. Once reached home, he was directly entered the toilet and po po there. Kekeke... hope he gets well soon.

So now, after his visit, we know what to do lor. It'a clearer now. Oklah, write 'til here first. Wanna take a rest too... Cya...

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