Monday, November 28, 2011

Wish us Luck!!!

Year end is coming. Well, I really didn't expect that our flat is coming that soon. Yet I've signed up with course and upcoming exam. Past few weeks, weekend was burnt with trips to prepare my new flat. Bought things required, settled on renovation plan, measurement, choosing colours and materials, bargaining for furnitures, etc. End up, no time for studying and preparing my exam.

I can hardly sleep after woking up for pee almost everyday. Perhaps I was worry too much about myself not preparing enough for my exam. Usually I would be prepared 70 percent at this moment, while now, it's piece by piece and haven't gone through everything yet.

Still remember the teacher told us to believe in ourselves when entering the exam hall, believe that we can. I just hope I can remember that and all things she has taught us. Perhaps I just give myself too much pressure.

As for everything else, just hope everything will go on smoothly. Hope my family anf myself can adapt to new environment when we move out later on. Wish us all the best!! Another worry, that we can't sell our current flat on time.. Haiz... really need your pray and bless... Hope everything will go smoothly...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last class of the year

Just attended the last class of the year. 18 hours of continuous revision class since last Saturday until just now. It's a good one, refreshing what we've learnt in previous part-time class. Get a clearer view and tactics how to answer question. What I need now is practise. Have applied leave this Thur and Fri. Apart from settling the renovation agreement, I need time to revise. However, here is an invitation for BBQ event this Saturday. Still can't decide to go or not. If weather is good, I'll go with my cute fatty boom boom boy hehehe...

He just took his report book. His overall marks are 305 upon 400 and continue to P4C with his best friend, Eugene. He has reached average level, just hope he can maintain it and not go down along the time. Jia you ah Bao bei!!!

He has visited doctor 4 times this month and didn't go to school for 4 days. First time was due to continued vomiting, so doctor gave him medicine to smoothen up his bowels. Second, to stop his bowel... Then last Thur, he suddenly felt very weak after coming back from school and got a fever. Doctor gave him antibiotic and a very strong Panadol. And yesterday he went fot the forth time due to rash appearing on his body. Doctor said he was allergic with the strong dose of Panadol. walao, wonder is it a strategy of current doctor that my son had to go twice for each problem... Anyway there are two more days left before holidays. Hope he is alright!!!

Well. write 'til here. My appetite is horrible these past two days. Maybe stress because of upcoming exam. Haiz.. gain so much weight recently, and now 'da bao' horfun home.. hahahaha... Oklah... good nite!!! Ciao!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2011


Finally I stepped into Phillipines. Saw Phillipinos everywhere but it's first time to step on their land :) My friend, Ann and I took a same flight there. We took midnight flight, budget airlines, Cebu Airlines. We departed at about 1am and reached Manila at 4.30am. Queueing almost an hour in the immigration, then found our way to go to domestic airport at T3, lvl 3.
We waited in less than an hour and met Ching, our friend from Taiwan. She also took a flight at about 1.30am and reached Manila earlier than us, then we took a same flight to Legazpi.

It's an hour journey there. We were picked up by the hotel and they drove us to one place for us to take a boat to the resort. We saw the active volcano, Mt Mayon everywhere. It was quite nice :) When we took a boat, I could feel a taste of freedom and mixture with nature. Love it very much. it's a thing that I find in Sgp. Suddenly all my 'fan nao' went away. Hahahaha....

We took a buggy - electric car for golfer to the lobby of the hotel. We were welcomed with simple folded leaves shaping fish and were given cold towel. In the lobby, we were given coconut drink and keropok (fish crackers) and its vinegar dip. We found it weird at first, but after a while, it was kinda addictive to eat more and more hehehehe...

Our room was deluxe room and located behind the villas area. Lucky me and my friend read some comments about the hotel room before coming here so we would know what the situation was likeand expect less. Although the location was not in the middle, but the room is nice. Kinda modern style and okelah... Only that they delivered our luggage quite late... So we were just waiting hopelessly inside our room. Kekeke...

They announce lunch open from 11 to 2pm., but when we reached at 11.40am, it was not ready at all. Lunch would only be started at about 12.30pm. There was salad as opening. Tom yam soup was very nice!! I took two bowls of it :) There were BBQ chicken with baked potatoes and local vegetables. I tried bbq fish as well, but not nice. When we almost started dessert, my friend came wth a plate of BBQ pork. Wow!! It was amazing! Tasted really good!! I took another plate after that :D and ordered a pint of San Mig in the hot afternoon. What a nice afternoon!!!

We finally met the groom to be and he sat with us chit chatting. He brought Krispy Kremes for lunch as well, but not so fresh la... Overall was good. After lunch we went back to our room. We took a bath and took a nap til 5.30pm.

When we woke up, we got ready and ask the buggy driver to fetch us from the main door.
We were late one hour from the supposed starting time, but it was ok hehehe... We met up with other ex-schoolmates as well and had a great reunion. We sat on a long table, having a great dinner serving babi panggang (roasted pork), roasted beef, grill fish, etc. Simple but nice :) We could order alcohol beverages, paid by the couple, and so was the dinner. We were sitting under the half moon and stars, and had a good conversation like we never had before hehehe... There was a live band, choir by children from neighbourhood area, etc.

There was a sudden rain at about 10.30pm. We decided to go back to our room at 11pm. We took a bath and took a rest now. Make sure we have enough rest for tomorrow's activity.

Well, I'm so sleepy and tired, but happy. Allow me to have a good rest... Good night everyone!! Have an enjoyable weekend!!! Greetings from Misibis!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Our system was error since Monday 3pm. It stopped us for doing necessary things for closing. Lucky we didn't wait too long. We went back at 7pm. The other side, some were staying overnight hoping that it would revive anytime but too bad it was still not working even the morning came.

Found out to be hardware problem. The team has tried to find the core and fix the hardware. But they need time to downloading back the back-up data.

It finally resumed at 5pm, but all data keyed in on Monday was all gone and we need to re-do. Oh well... my staffs had to stay back including myself. I was so tired and went back at about 10pm.

Lucky everything is so far so good and I try to catch up the rest by today, latest by tomorrow. phiew.... I was worrying that I would have to cancel my trip this weekend. Seems like I have to sip the last class again tomorrow. Try my best to attend the first half, but see the situation first as something may not be as per planned.

Well, just hope everything would go smoothly and we all can come back in one piece safely and soundly. Happy working!!!
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