Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last class of the year

Just attended the last class of the year. 18 hours of continuous revision class since last Saturday until just now. It's a good one, refreshing what we've learnt in previous part-time class. Get a clearer view and tactics how to answer question. What I need now is practise. Have applied leave this Thur and Fri. Apart from settling the renovation agreement, I need time to revise. However, here is an invitation for BBQ event this Saturday. Still can't decide to go or not. If weather is good, I'll go with my cute fatty boom boom boy hehehe...

He just took his report book. His overall marks are 305 upon 400 and continue to P4C with his best friend, Eugene. He has reached average level, just hope he can maintain it and not go down along the time. Jia you ah Bao bei!!!

He has visited doctor 4 times this month and didn't go to school for 4 days. First time was due to continued vomiting, so doctor gave him medicine to smoothen up his bowels. Second, to stop his bowel... Then last Thur, he suddenly felt very weak after coming back from school and got a fever. Doctor gave him antibiotic and a very strong Panadol. And yesterday he went fot the forth time due to rash appearing on his body. Doctor said he was allergic with the strong dose of Panadol. walao, wonder is it a strategy of current doctor that my son had to go twice for each problem... Anyway there are two more days left before holidays. Hope he is alright!!!

Well. write 'til here. My appetite is horrible these past two days. Maybe stress because of upcoming exam. Haiz.. gain so much weight recently, and now 'da bao' horfun home.. hahahaha... Oklah... good nite!!! Ciao!!!

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