Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Our system was error since Monday 3pm. It stopped us for doing necessary things for closing. Lucky we didn't wait too long. We went back at 7pm. The other side, some were staying overnight hoping that it would revive anytime but too bad it was still not working even the morning came.

Found out to be hardware problem. The team has tried to find the core and fix the hardware. But they need time to downloading back the back-up data.

It finally resumed at 5pm, but all data keyed in on Monday was all gone and we need to re-do. Oh well... my staffs had to stay back including myself. I was so tired and went back at about 10pm.

Lucky everything is so far so good and I try to catch up the rest by today, latest by tomorrow. phiew.... I was worrying that I would have to cancel my trip this weekend. Seems like I have to sip the last class again tomorrow. Try my best to attend the first half, but see the situation first as something may not be as per planned.

Well, just hope everything would go smoothly and we all can come back in one piece safely and soundly. Happy working!!!

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