Monday, November 28, 2011

Wish us Luck!!!

Year end is coming. Well, I really didn't expect that our flat is coming that soon. Yet I've signed up with course and upcoming exam. Past few weeks, weekend was burnt with trips to prepare my new flat. Bought things required, settled on renovation plan, measurement, choosing colours and materials, bargaining for furnitures, etc. End up, no time for studying and preparing my exam.

I can hardly sleep after woking up for pee almost everyday. Perhaps I was worry too much about myself not preparing enough for my exam. Usually I would be prepared 70 percent at this moment, while now, it's piece by piece and haven't gone through everything yet.

Still remember the teacher told us to believe in ourselves when entering the exam hall, believe that we can. I just hope I can remember that and all things she has taught us. Perhaps I just give myself too much pressure.

As for everything else, just hope everything will go on smoothly. Hope my family anf myself can adapt to new environment when we move out later on. Wish us all the best!! Another worry, that we can't sell our current flat on time.. Haiz... really need your pray and bless... Hope everything will go smoothly...

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