Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Office Christmas Party :)

Love X'mas Party Set - Sakae Sushi

It's been some time since we had party in our department. Last year we had lunch at nearby restaurant, and this year, we decided to have party in our office. The previous organizers have left and the replacement staff was quite new. Since I'm quite close with kitchen staffs, I decided to help them organising it. It used to be part of my job. This time, I just helped her and guided her on how to do and what to prepare :)

There was exchange gift as well. I was just afraid people didn't want participate but they did. Quite happy with it :)

So this evening, we had our party. My colleagues are quite helpful with preparing the area and also cleaning. I helped out taking the food from kitchen. :P I didn't know why, my Boss started to tell how good I'm as party organizer. I was so 'paiseh'. She often praises me in front of everybody. Haiz... You know la, people might think something else. Just hope they didn't....
It's yuan fen ba.. and I'm thankful that she is at least knowing what I do and appreciate it, but most of the times she would expect more from me. Just hope I can grow and be better.

Food for the party :)


Well, I got set of toiletteries. I thought it's gonna be another chocolate, but it wasn't. At least I can use it hehehe...

X'mas Finance Party - 28 Dec 11

Oklah... Hope all of you had a great Christmas time as well.. Belated Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Live well - love much - laugh often

4 more days to 2012. Christmas has just over. It's a rare long weekend and time to get good rest and enjoying good food. Happens that every 24th (X'mas Eve) is my sis-in-law's birthday and weather was cooling so that they decied to have steamboat at home. In the afternoon, my hubby and I went to furniture shop and bought items that we need, but not all yet. We tried to get a good bargain with the seller. The shop has been there for 56 years according to Auntie, and was passed by her parents, and she was acting more like middleman, helping us ordering the goods that we chose from catalog. Weeks before that we went to various furniture shops to see the actual items and so far the prices we got were the best offer we could get. But I can't be happy too early as I haven't seen the actual items yet. Hopefully the workmanship is not making us disappointed with prices that we paid.

After that we went back home and enjoyed the steamboat. My son received 2 presents from his aunts and he waited until 12am to open it. He was very exciting about it and he got the things that he wanted... Gundam!!! He started his craze about Gundam since the Gundam Expo at Compass Point. I bought the first Gundam to him. Then he went to HK. His ie ie bought 1 for his birthday present and he bought himself another one as his own present. His kangma bought two for his Birthday present, and his aunt bought 1 for him. So, with the 2 Christmas presents, he has 8 Gundam collection now. He also often watches youtube for Gundam review and he even recorded the review himself. But the file is too big. He recorded almost 10 mins each time. That's why I didn't post it to youtube yet.

On Christmas day, hubby and I finally bought our sofa. Price has increased by 100 dollar since the day we saw. No choice, CNY is coming. If we wait, the price may have increased again. Then we headed to Punggol to see the wardrobe and kitchen cabinet. We cleaned up a little bit then went back home. Another round of stemboat :)

It's replacement of public holiday on Monday. I spent the morning time having breakfast and watching Taiwanese drama - My Splendid Life - and finished the whole 38 episodes :D After that hubby and I went to IKEA. We reached there about 4.40pm and walked until 9pm. We purchased some items for kitchen and other thing. Reached home 10 plus by cab. So tired...

When we reached our house, we saw there were lots of sandals outside our neighbour's house. My feeling said something bad happened. Before we went to IKEA, my hubby saw 2 police officers outside our house and when he went out, they asked my hubby if he knows where our neighbours were. My mother-in-law thought they were having gathering for Christmas celebration, but I told my hubby, I didn't think so. I saw Auntie was sitting down inside wearing black colour cloth. I was guessing something happened to her husband, since her husband was working as Taxi driver. I was hoping my gut was wrong. When the group left her house, my hubby went there and asked what happened. When I went there, I saw Aunty was crying and telling me that her husband passed away this afternoon. He was over tired and couldn't be saved.

My hubby was crying too. They have been staying there before hubby and his families moved to his house. The daughter was so young and now has grown up to teenager. Hubby said, he could see they slowly improved their house, like changed the door gate, air-con, and recently just purchase mattress. He made a living by driving taxi. They didn't expect it happened that fast. Yesterday my hubby still saw him outside his house and talking with people. And now, he is no more alive.

Life is really unpredictable. People can just go away like that. So, always remind ourselves to love and treasure our loving ones while they are alive. Don't wait until you're rich, until you have time. etc. If got chance, do it now.

May Uncle next door be bornt in better world. Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ups and downs

Quite busy these past two days due to Birthday parties but I'm glad that we had a chance to get together :)

Happy 9th Birthday Baobei!!!

Cheers.... :)

Birthday Dinner @Aston Hougang

Happy 9th Birthday Baobei!!! This year you're probably the happiest person on earth having your dreams come true... But remember, it doesn't come all the time. You might have to fight for your happiness in the future, 'cos happiness won't last forever.

This what I feel now. Like we all know, life is full of ups and downs. I've been happy all this time and somehow I'd expecting any down time. Well, probably I had down times too, it's only that it's unnoticeable, or perhaps, I just ignored it? Or think positively?
Just received letter from CPF yesterday that the HPS scheme was rejected due to my current condition. Well, it's predictable and something that I don't have control to prevent. And I was telling myself to put that condition when signing it as I don't want to hide anything from them. It exists and I must live with it. Either they accept or they reject. No point hiding it and next time when something happen, they will dispute it, and I would even be more headache and disappointed than now. I just have to face the truth. Plus, think positively!!!

Who in the earth know how long more will you live? Some healthy people might just pass away due to accident, or even suddenly diagnosed with cancer, or even had stroke or heart attack. Remember the latest case of 21 yrs old man collapsed and died after finishing t he marathon??? This morning, I read that the oldest person in Sgp passed away yesterday t age of 113 years old. If she had bought HPS that would last 20-30 years, she might have just paid and paid, anyway, she was still healthy and nothing had happened to her until yesterday.

So, I was just telling myself, if they didn't approve it, so what? Yes, I have risk someday I might have other sickness, need to pay lots of hospital bills, but it has to happen, then I have no control over it, although if there is insurance to cover the bill, it would be much better. Anyway... when it comes, just hope that I would have strength to face it and carry on.

Baobei, remember, now you're fed with silver spoon. You could get whatever you wished for. But it won't always be like this. Please learn to be content and grateful and treasure, also share with others. I hope I can share with others too so they could have less burden with their problem.

Dajie Birthday Dinner @California Pizza Kitchen

After dinner @Orchard Road

Dajie, happy birthday too!! You are also good and kind person. Good karma will follow you. Very lucky to have all good sisters, brother, parents, families surround me. Thank you SB :)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Happy holiday Baobei!!!

This morning alarm clock was ringing pretty early. I set it up at 5am!!! My bro told me that he will reach our home at 6.30am. I thought it was me travelling. Usually I need about an hour time to take a bath, dressing, check my luggage etc. My son only required less than 10 mins to get himself brushing his teeth, washing his face, changing his clothes and wearing socks and shoes. kekekeke.... He woke up at 6am and ended up watching cartoon outside, almost fell asleep again hehehehe....

My bro reached here at 7am. We waited at drop off point and headed to airport once he came. The check-in queue was super long. We needed to wait for about half an hour before our turn. When it's done, we went to B2 and had breakfast. I forgot to bring my wallet!! So I just watched my son eating and shared drink with him.

Three of them were excited with their holiday. My mom was waiting inside boarding gate and wait to see them. They took SQ Airbus 380 and children were seating on 2nd storey. I haven't taken that plane before!!! Lucky son!! My parents sponsored their holiday trip this time :D

Heard that they reached HK, directly headed to SZ by boat. My father, uncles, and aunt were waiting for their arrival. My parents went to SZ to attend one of relative's wedding. They were invited and had reunion over there. So children would add their excitement hahahaha... maybe they would feel bored.. well, never know.... :P

It's cool over there, around 15 degree? My son only brought one long pant jeans and he would wear it for few days there...same like his dad... hahahahhaa..... His luggage is only 6 kg as my mom worried that she had to carry heavy luggage. Anyway, once they reach HK, my son can borrow my sis' son's clothes.. hehehe...

When I went back home, I found myself alone. My mother-in-law was going to market. I felt something missing!!! My son's noisiness!!! Miss him... miss his laughter, miss his angry, miss his non-sense, miss his everything!!! Well, could be good as well, at least I could feel quiet when studying. Haiz... didn't study much today. Watching TV show while having veg beehoon for breakfast. The show lasted 3 hrs 'cos I wanna know what happened with the story.

Slept in afternoon for 2 hours. Hubby called and woke me up. Lucky I managed to clean up the dust and toilet in my room as there were few interested buyer taking a look at our house. Yesterday I managed to clear all mess up in my son's room too. Quite impressive with the clean-up.

I'll be missing my son's room. This is where I spent my time studying and took a nap sometimes hehehe... One thing, hope can find buyer soon. Another thing.. will feel ad leaving this place. I've been staying here since 2002. It's going to 10 years. There is a deep feeling with this house and surrounded area, including hawkers and neighbourhood.

There is nothing last forever. When it's time to move on and carry on, it's time. Life still has to go on. Just hope all of us can adapt to stay in nw place and everything will be developed soon. Gonna miss the vegetarian stalls here....

Well, time to sleep now. Good night.. Hope tomorrow I can focus more on study. Hiks.... Nite....
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