Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ups and downs

Quite busy these past two days due to Birthday parties but I'm glad that we had a chance to get together :)

Happy 9th Birthday Baobei!!!

Cheers.... :)

Birthday Dinner @Aston Hougang

Happy 9th Birthday Baobei!!! This year you're probably the happiest person on earth having your dreams come true... But remember, it doesn't come all the time. You might have to fight for your happiness in the future, 'cos happiness won't last forever.

This what I feel now. Like we all know, life is full of ups and downs. I've been happy all this time and somehow I'd expecting any down time. Well, probably I had down times too, it's only that it's unnoticeable, or perhaps, I just ignored it? Or think positively?
Just received letter from CPF yesterday that the HPS scheme was rejected due to my current condition. Well, it's predictable and something that I don't have control to prevent. And I was telling myself to put that condition when signing it as I don't want to hide anything from them. It exists and I must live with it. Either they accept or they reject. No point hiding it and next time when something happen, they will dispute it, and I would even be more headache and disappointed than now. I just have to face the truth. Plus, think positively!!!

Who in the earth know how long more will you live? Some healthy people might just pass away due to accident, or even suddenly diagnosed with cancer, or even had stroke or heart attack. Remember the latest case of 21 yrs old man collapsed and died after finishing t he marathon??? This morning, I read that the oldest person in Sgp passed away yesterday t age of 113 years old. If she had bought HPS that would last 20-30 years, she might have just paid and paid, anyway, she was still healthy and nothing had happened to her until yesterday.

So, I was just telling myself, if they didn't approve it, so what? Yes, I have risk someday I might have other sickness, need to pay lots of hospital bills, but it has to happen, then I have no control over it, although if there is insurance to cover the bill, it would be much better. Anyway... when it comes, just hope that I would have strength to face it and carry on.

Baobei, remember, now you're fed with silver spoon. You could get whatever you wished for. But it won't always be like this. Please learn to be content and grateful and treasure, also share with others. I hope I can share with others too so they could have less burden with their problem.

Dajie Birthday Dinner @California Pizza Kitchen

After dinner @Orchard Road

Dajie, happy birthday too!! You are also good and kind person. Good karma will follow you. Very lucky to have all good sisters, brother, parents, families surround me. Thank you SB :)

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