Friday, February 03, 2012

Happy weekend!!!

Time flies... It's been more than 2 weeks since my last post.

Happy Chinese New Year!!! :)
We celebrated in Jakarta this year. 3 of us went back home and spent the day with both of my parents, my eldest sis & her hubby, my brother and his families and some other relatives. It's such a short trip, even shorter with the traffic jam to wherever you go. Haiz.... it never changed for the better, but to the worst :(

Only met with 1 friend, who brought 3 of us to Sea World and had lunch together after that. Thank you Pid!!

I got the highest angpao from the tree this year :D hehehehe... Not bad ah :D

Came back to work on the third day of CNY. Did the stock-taking, closing, and now it's Friday again!!

2 last weekend before we move into a new house...

There is sentimental feeling to this current house. I got married there, was pregnant there, raised my baby til now in P4... Not only that. Also to my sis-in-law. She had 2 baby boys here hehehehhe.... :D

12 more days to go and I haven't finished packing. Hopefully I have time to pack this weekend. Renovation has over. Furnitures came today and sofa will arrive next Monday. Before 15 the curtains will be installed. Just hope everything goes smoothly...

Yesterday I was feeling low because one of my colleagues will take hospitalisation leave starting next Thursday. She will take 2 weeks. And usually when she's not around, I'll be the one who covers her duty. But I'll take leave too in middle due to move house. And doing her job is not a simple task to do since she needs to receive and check goods from supplier, then post into system. Usually I need more than half day to do her job.

I was thinking that my Boss won't give us someone to help since everyone has their own work to do. I was telling my other colleague that in worst scenario, he might have to work alone if I take leave.

I was then looking for my Boss and tell her my problem. Talked here and there, it led to a conclusion that she allowed me to hire part-timer when my colleague is not around. And fortunately, my boss's secretary's son is looking for a job, and not yet find one. So he is able to do temporary job helping me!! Yay!!! I felt very relieved to hear that... So I just wish everything goes as per planned and he can learn fast and do well......

Thank you SB for helping me again.. thanks to my Boss as well.. Otherwise, I wouldn't have enough energy to do it all at the same time :)

Well... happy weekend everyone!!! Today is $10m TOTO!!!

哈!哈!哈!星期五开采,你可要买,别忘记噢,祝您好运@:):):) Huat ahhh!!!!!! :D

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