Friday, February 24, 2012

Moving on...

It's been more than a week I stay in a new house. The MRT journey takes longer time each and everyday, so I try my best to get a seat inside MRT, otherwise I have to stand up all the way as most people will only alight at Dobhy Ghaut MRT.

I enrolled pro-rate class on Monday and attended my first lesson yesterday. I've missed out quite lots of lectures, so I really need time to do a catch-up myself. There are so many materials to read and understand. The way the teacher teaches is quite good. He uses lots of illustrations based on mostly his personal working and life experience. It makes study becoming easier to absorb and less memorization required. Too bad I've missed first 8 classes before this, so I'd missed out lots of important points ba... haiz....

Well, I have finally enrolled the P class. I used to think that it was an unreachable dream to go through the level 2 exam and didn't think to continue to upper level, but I just did it. Well, not yet passing the exam, but I've already taken a move to a higher level and I'm sure with hard work and determination, everyone sure can do it, which means, I need to spend more time to study than do other activity. Well, like what my motto is, study when it's time to study, work when it's time to work, rest when it's time to rest. Study hard, work hard, rest hard, and play hard too!!!!

There will be some activities going on in March. Starting with OCBC cycling on 3rd March, then family day at Wave Sentosa on Mar 10th. There will be class on 17th, and so on.

Will hunt for motorcycle and still can't decide to buy a new one or second hand one. The urge to buy second hand one is due to more attractive price and I don't know how long will I need to use it. But to save trouble, new one is better of course.. but it comes with a price. I need to dig into my saving to buy one. Well, see what fate will I have :)

Oklah.. time to work now.. hehehehe... it's Friday again!! Enjoy your weekend and looking forward for our housewarming this Sunday. Have a great day!!!

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