Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day goes by...

I called my father on Tue night. He was asking me, how is your feeling staying in a new house? I answered: Not bad. Feel comfortable and so far so good.

Inside my heart, I wanna thank him for giving advices before renovation, on what to do from Feng Shui point of view. Because he has given advices in a way that to give all of us good health, prosperity, luck, and most importantly, to live in harmony. Well, I just hope things will go smoothly. No point living in a good house but you have no time to enjoy as spending more time to work, or live not healthy and happily, etc.

So far, we quite enjoy staying in our new house. With a Waterway nearby, my hubby, son, and myself had chance to cycle together at night, enjoying the breeze and beautiful nature. I hope I can have this activity regularly. Not only to do some exercise, but also create family bonding, for 3 of us. I think it's important to give a happy childhood to my son as he feels loved and could spend more time with his parents. As he grows up, he will lead on his life. He may find his love one day, build his family, and so on. Time is limited. So while me and hubby can sayang him, we will do so continuously.

Relationship with my in-laws is also so far so good. We maintain respect to each other and promote give and take. Now what's app also make our relationship closer among me and sis-in-law. Planning to have family outing this year, but not yet know where to go and what to do yet.

Feel lucky too to have such an understanding hubby who is good in nature, know what is right and what is wrong, know where the limit is, and he is such a good advisor too, sometimes. Well, thank to SB for meeting us together in present life. Living with contentment is the key. :)

Hope we all can aware of it. Treasure what we have while we can. There is never a perfection in life, so never expect everything to be perfect. :)

Life is short. Do what you wanna do. Love the person you love. Say sorry if you have to.

Have a great life ahead!!!!

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more blog pls....

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