Saturday, March 03, 2012

It's March!!!

Housewarming Catering
Wow... time really flies... Our housewarming was held a week ago, on Sunday. We invited mostly family (relatives) and closed friends. The respond was not bad. Only few didn't come due to some reasons. We started from 12pm, but most crowd came at around 2-3pm. We were busy entertaining our friends and families, and a bit 'bu hao yi si' that sometimes we didn't chat enough.. Hope all of you understand :)

All commented that our flat has a nice view, only lack of swimming pool, otherwise it looks more like private condominium, hahahaha.... Master bedroom is quite big enough and toilets are big. Hahahaha.....

We ordered our food from Stamford catering and food is so so ba... I bought additional frozen food and deep-fried it ourselves, scared not enough food. The food was over ordered, as we seldom order from catering, still can keep some for dinner and the next day meal.

Cheers :)
Many friends were having hard times in finding the place. Those who took MRT walked to surrounding area first before finding my block due to the confusing block number and inaccessible map details from google. Sorry ah, I thought you all know how to get to my place (doing research first) before came....

Well, thank you for your presence and presents!!! We are glad that you have come to our invitation. We will always welcome you all for next visit and/or lunch/dinner when we can chat more :)

Miss my old pasar food now. Especially the vegetarian. But they are undergoing a renovation in a whole coffee shop. We'll sure go to visit you again once you're ready for business. :)

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