Monday, March 12, 2012

It's school holiday time!!!!

We went to Wavehouse @Sentosa last Saturday. The company where I work organised the Family Day for staffs and its families and friends. Since my hubby was working, I asked two of my best friends to attend and they happened free to join and quite enjoyed it. I brought my son along and he played with my colleague's daughter, whom he knows for 3 years plus but finally could play together and shared same connection. Hahaha.... They enjoyed playing water and baloon inside the shallow pool.

The weather was hot, then it rained heavily. When it stopped, they continued their games. It was a chance for staffs to surf in machine-made waves. If you paid it urself, it would be quite expensive, but we could try it free, but they limited it to 10 persons per session.

One of my best friends tried it and so did my colleague's daughter. Me? Just watching them and walking around. Hehehe....

Wavehouse Sentosa - Family Day
We were there from 11am and finished at about 5pm. We had our dinner at Vivo before going back home. Once reached home, I took a bath, blowed dry my hair, and had a sleep rightaway at 8pm, woke up the next morning at 8.20am.

Hubby, son, and I went to Compass Point for breakfast @Kopitiam. Hubby left earlier while Reever and I went to Philatelic Museum. He and his classmates just went there last week, but he told me that the time was just too short and he would like to go there again. Since I hadn't been there for ages, I decided to go with him.
Philatelic Museum
We stopped by the fire brigade centre first to see the exhibition inside, then walked further up to the Museum. It's free for children, and adult needs to pay $5. Although the place is small, it was quite fun. Lots of interesting things to see and do.

After half day, we went back home. When rain stopped, Reever, my mother-in-law and I went to petrol kiosk to pump the flat tyres. Reever's bicycle's wheels were flat. We walked quite far and finally found the place. I didn't know how to use the pump. Luckily there was someone helping us to do it hehehe....

We dropped at Sheng Siong buying vegetables and fruits, then went back home preparing food for my aunts who came from Penang and stopped by Singapore for few days. They came around 6 plus with my brother and sis-in-law and had a simple dnner at our house, continued with varies of fruits :)

My brother's daughter spent a night at our house. She played and slept in Reever's room. Reever was quite gentleman enough to let the upper bed for Mei2, and he was sleeping in lower bed. They had quite a hard time to sleep. They took a glass of warm milk before trying to sleep again. They slept at about 11pm.

@Rooftop Garden
They woke up quite early. I told them if we wake up early if weather was good, so that we can cycle to the park. But it was drizzling and windy so I asked them to have a cup of Milo and biscuit first for breakfast. After a while, we went down and played at 1st floor. When rain stopped, we visited 2nd level for a while, then to Waterway. But Aryn took scooter instead of bicycle (she doesn't know yet how to ride it), and she was a bit tired pushing it around, so we returned back home.

They had fried rice and cucumber tomato salad after that before taking a bath, and all of us headed to Zoo.... They are playing with water while I am waiting for them. It almost 2 hours by now. Hope they finish soon.

Well, brought around my kid while I can. Give him more attention to his studies. Those are my priorities for this year. No ACCA exam for the first half of the year and still considering for 2nd half.

I feel quite tired actually since I moved house. Seems like my time was spent most for others and not for myself. I really need a break. I also want to relax and enjoy, just like the time I spent in Philippines last year... Enjoying the pool. sea breeze, having food with friends, chit-chatting, drinking and dancing session, and many more. Hope to have another one anytime soon.

Well, stop daydreaming and just hope those kids are back soon!!!

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