Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Good Friday :)

Steamboat time!!!
I'm really having a great time today :)

Morning I finally woke up late hehehe.... 3 of us went to old market and met my mother-in-law there. We had our brunch, another vegetarian bee hoon and kopi - my all time favourite :D

Once we reached, rain poured hardly from the sky. Luckily we managed to reach there before the rain came.

After eating, we shopped our food ingredients to different supermarkets and took cab back home. Did things I need to do, then my hubby started playing his new toys. I tried for a while. Wah, so tiring la... I really need to do more exercise!! :D

Hubby and I went to Sheng Siong by bicycle and bought our dumplings there. When reached home, we started to prepare the food. At 7.20pm, my hubby's benefactor came with his two sons. Too bad his cousin and his families were unable to come. We actually invited them especially for this steamboat as we seldom have meal together. When he wrote the message to me, I was still thinking that he might bluff me, but he didn't.

So we had dinner together with my sister-in-law and her families, and our guests. The food was superb, but weather was quite hot, so we turned on the air-con and I managed to mix my tequila with green tea :)

My son played the Xbox Kinect with my sis-in-law's sons and I had dancing games too. It was fun. I was having a great time. When hubby's benefactor went back, me and hubby had our conversations in the balcony. It felt great to communicate and share what we feel to each other. Moon was shining brightly in the sky. What a perfect time :)

It's 12am plus.. Time to take a bath and have a good sleep. Thanks SB for giving me a good rest day today :) Love you always :)))

Thursday, April 05, 2012

1.5 mths has passed. Still feel that the jouney inside MRT is quite long and time consuming :( However, adapt and live with it :)

Well, nothing much happened. Spend two weekends with Baobei, brought him to see and do new things, let him opened his eyes wider to the outside world. He was enjoying it :)

Just finished my class and tomorrow is long weekend. Yippeeee!!! My friends were asking me out for drink, but I rejected as I didn't have enough sleep last night, watching HK serial 'til 12am!!! Oh ya, I was trying a full body massage last night, in a house operated one in a place not far from my house. It's reasonable price - $50 for 90 mins and a lady in her 50s was quite powerful, keep massaging my stiff shoulders. Felt pain, but much lighter feeling after that. Since I didn't have enough sleep last night, I still feel slightly pain on my body. But I'm sure the pain will be gone soon :)

There will be series of steamboat this weekend inviting hubby's cousins, my friends, etc. Just hope I'll have enough sleep and rest during weekend :D Enjoy your long weekend everyone!!!
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