Friday, September 07, 2012

Back to reality - Neighbour's grass is always greener than ours

I need 2 weeks time to adjust back to where I live now. Came back from Bhutan and Nepal trip. Felt like staying in dreaming world. Felt like go back to 20 years back, where what available was beautiful scenery, natural greenery, fresh and healthy fruit n veggies, and those people were still innocent to today's world. Well, except that they have internet and access to international TV.

For a while, it's good to be there. But think back again, now they are developing their country now. It's going to be more materialistic. They have more 'want' than what they 'need'. I believe suffering will come soon or later :D


Wakie wakie!!!!

I'm living in different country now. It's already so materialistic. People shop more than what they need. They fight for newer car, or bigger house. Hahahaha..... Can't imagine! I need two weeks to adapt back. Back there, life is still simple. Haiz... Naïve ba? How to go back in time if you are living in place like this? Chance for enlightenment gets farer... Hahahaha....

Well, live in present. Be glad with what you are and what you have. Unless, you are just like Buddha, who leaves everything to reach enlightenment. :D

Have a great weekend everyone! Going for shopping later... Buffet lunch tomorrow... Shopping again... Etc... Etc.. Etc... :)

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