Friday, October 26, 2012

Cycling at Waterway Punggol

Last weekend, Baobei and I had a cycling nearby our area. It's called My Waterway @Punggol Waterway Park, a man made waterway built by our government, the only area where we can see water, plants, cycling and walk path. It's about 4.2km length. From there, we continued our cycling to Punggol Park (near Hougang area), which is about 4 km long. So go and back will take us about 12+ km. It's a good way to exercise though.

HDB Waterway is under construction - now at Level 4

Watersports Promenade
Baobei in action!!! :D
Many flats surrounds it....
And right now, it's still not so crowded since many flats are still under construction. Once they all are done, then it will start to get more crowded and even pack. So now, enjoy our quiet moment while we can.. Cycling as many times as we want before it gets packed and jammed!!! :D

Peace and serene

Simply love the view :)
Where do you wanna go???

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