Friday, October 05, 2012

Something to ponder about

It's interesting to read other people's story. We can see different perspective and view from other country. Somehow, we can learn from it too.. Either we are grateful for what we are or we complain for what we don't have. Well, I won't complain. Hehehe... I'd rather take it positively. And even more grateful with current situation :) Eventually, you'll also often think about this: neighbour's grass is always greener than ours. But somehow, if you're not in their shoes, you wouldn't know how they feel.

After my trip back from Nepal and Bhutan, there were so many questions lingering in my mind. It's good that I still have a chance to find out all the answers by reading books, searching online, reading other articles, and so on. I can understand better the whole situation.

Like someone said, life is like a movie. We are one of the movie stars... I was feeling down before.. But now my conscience is getting clear. Everyone has a role to play. There is always different scenes in life. That's what makes life is so colourful and interesting ;)

Different roles, different attitude. Prone to change. But one thing is true... What goes around will go around... Well, go figure it out, what roles are you playing and what type of happy ending you want to create ;)

Have a great weekend!!!

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